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"Chris, excellent work on the ABC Renovations website, looks amazing and instantly increased traffic to our site."
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Or you could still be slogging on, wishing that your PPC marketing campaigns were doing better, or still looking good information on how to make your PPC marketing really successful!

Important: Keep reading to discover how outsourcing your PPC marketing is the secret to dominating your competition, why it could reduce your click costs by up to 37% and increase your Click-Throughs by up to 82% - if you're anything like an average client!

Chris Headshot Chris Anderson

Dear Internet Marketer,

In a nutshell, this is your chance to get the step-by-step, hand-held assistance you need to create your own hard-earned success with pay per click marketing! PPC management is the way forward ... but before we get into that, here's a problem you may not even be aware of:

Your Google Adwords And Other PPC Accounts Suck!

That's right - they are sucking your money right out of you bank account and into the accounts of Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! And this is money you might not even realise is being wasted. Maybe $28 one day or $9 the next...

OK, a few dollars here and there isn't much by itself, but when you add those small amounts together over several campaigns and over a whole year, day after day - it adds up to a fortune - thousands of dollars!

This probably happens simply because your PPC accounts aren't being optimised or tweaked on a daily basis. What you need is an expert to monitor your accounts and save you from having to learn all the constantly changing details of Google Adwords and other PPC accounts.

I can confidently state that right now your have keywords that you're paying for that are just sucking money from you - sending you hundreds of clicks a day - but zero sales!

You're probably got adverts which have a low 0.45 or 0.93% CTR... just a fraction of what you could actually achieve!

You might be getting a "decent" return on the money you invest with online advertising but:

The Leaks Are There, Slowly draining You

If you don't know where to look or how to stop the flow, you're just going to keep wasting money until someone comes along who really knows what they're doing and annihilates your advertising.

NOTE: For most of this page, I'll be concentrating on the 'Big Boy' of Pay Per Click advertising: Google. Most of what we talk about works just as well with Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter.

Adwords Clicks Can Be a Scientific and Methodical Way to Generate Almost Limitless Traffic to Your Site

Good PPC advertising is ongoing, quite cheap (if you do it right!) and it converts into great sales (if you know what you're doing).

The best thing about Google Adwords is that it rewards smart advertisers. Basically, if you give Google what it wants, they'll give you a discount.

Work the System in an Intelligent Way, and possible Easy to Outperform the Amateurs... And there are LOTS of them on Adwords.

But get it wrong and you'll join the majority that throw money down the Google toilet every single day.

To save you from this slow death, right now I'll reveal several critical mistakes that most PPC advertisers make, and some hints and tips you must be doing to make your Adwords and other PPC ads as profitable as they can be...

See how many of these "amateur" mistakes are you making...

Do You Split-Test and Check Your Ads on a Daily Basis? (If Not, You're Pouring Your Budget Down the Drain!)

I added just two words to one page and increased its conversion rate by 40%. I know this because it was split tested against the 'standard'.

Testing adverts can take ads from 1% (or lower) to 4 to 5% click through rate - giving you at least 4 to 5 times the traffic, for the same (or even less) money!

Sometimes, you'll scratch your head in amazement and what a difference small changes can make - things you'd never know without constant split-testing!

See if you can tell which one of these ads beat the other by 91.5%?

Ad #1

Bronchitis Home Remedy
Stop Coughing Up Phlegm Quickly Using Easy To Follow Home Remedy

Ad #2

Bronchitis Home Remedy?
Stop Coughing Up Phlegm Quickly Using Easy To Follow Home Remedy

You probably couldn't tell the difference between the two adverts... but it's there...

Advert #2 has a question mark "?" on the end of the title and Advert #1 doesn't. That's the ONLY difference.

In a statistically valid test, the ad #1 got a respectable 1.53% click through rate.

You might be satisfied with that result but I hope not...

Because ad #2 with the question mark blew that figure out of the water and achieved a 2.93% click through rate - that's an improvement of 91.5%!

If you're not testing constantly, you're missing out on quick and easy "tweaks" like this!

I like to check your adverts daily and try new things as soon as one test is finished.

Think about how powerful this is... every test tells you something new about how to write your advert more effectively.

Do You Know How To Take Advantage of the "Undisclosed Feature" of Adwords Used by the "Big Boys" like eBay and Amazon?

Have you ever wondered why some companies seem to have a targeted, relevant ad for every keyword they bid on?

In Adwords, relevance is KING, so the more relevant you can make your ads, the more your CTR's skyrocket.

This one "trick" can increase click through rates to astronomical proportions. It's not a cure all and it's not something that you'll end up using forever, but it's an incredibly powerful way to launch a new campaign, without going through the pain of starting out with minuscule CTR's.

If you're not using a feature called Dynamic Keywords, you're working far to hard on your Adwords account!

Do You (Ethically) "Grab" Your Competitors Keywords and Copy Their Work & Research?

I have access to resources not generally available for keyword research. Tools that do the seemingly impossible task of revealing what keywords your competitors are already advertising on!

Tools that can ferret out synonyms, misspellings, and other crazy keyword combinations that you'd never think of in a million years.

With 2 hours hard work I can often take a list of 50 keywords and turn it into hundreds... or thousands!

It takes some time, but it really is worth it!

Do You Only Use "Broad Match" Keywords? If You're Not Using "Phrase" or "Exact" Match, You've Given Google Permission to Waste Your Money!

Does your keyword list look like something like this:

  • snowboarding
  • snowboarding boots
  • snowboarding bindings
  • snowboards

...or does it look more like this:

  • snowboarding
  • snowboarding boots
  • snowboarding bindings
  • snowboards
  • "snowboarding"
  • "snowboarding boots"
  • "snowboarding bindings"
  • "snowboards"
  • [snowboarding]
  • [snowboarding boots]
  • [snowboarding bindings]
  • [snowboards]

If you're not using phrase match (quotes) or exact match (brackets), you're about to be amazed...

Just implementing these extra keywords types will amaze you with the traffic you've been missing!

Here's What You've Been Waiting For...

In recent conversations with other business owners about their lack of understanding of how Google Adwords works (and poor results), I've decided to help out directly managing a few client's Adwords accounts.

Yes, Google lets us do this... and even encourages it! Think about it: If Google has lots of happy advertising clients like you who are getting great results with them, then you're going to want to keep advertising online and probably advertise even more.

This service is not for everyone but it is a no-brainer investment... one that is recouped almost immediately by increased sales and decreased click costs.

It takes a fair amount of research and work to get a campaign set up properly, so I can only take on 4 new clients this month.

Sorry, This Service Isn't for You if:

  • You have a product that nobody really wants to buy (If the product is no good, then no-one can really help you)
  • You haven't got a proper budget to do PPC advertising justice (Successful PPC advertising is a serious commitment and should be funded at least modestly)
  • Your web designer or hosting company don't allow frequent small changes to your website (If we can't improve your website design and content, we can't improve the traffic and conversions on your website)

If you're new to PPC advertising or want to start advertising properly, fill in the contact form and let's chat about your goals.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits You'll Experience With My Programme

  • You won't be charged outrageous setup fees like some other PPC Management Services available (And in some circumstances, I may even waive my setup fee altogether)
  • You're not locked in with a long term contract (Although I do ask you try this service for at least 3 months to really see some really great progress)
  • Just 3 or 5 keywords for a campaign are not sufficient and I won't try to convince you otherwise (Any serious Internet Marketer will tell you that 20-50 are the bare minimum to be effective)
  • My work is guaranteed and if I can't improve your traffic and conversion rates I'll refund your money (Unlike others who promise the earth and deliver very little)
  • I'm not just playing around with your advertising budget, as I use Adwords personally (So I'm constantly putting my own money where my mouth is)
  • I regularly test & optimize your website landing pages creating an efficient flow from the keywords, through the advert copy, to the lead or sales conversion (There's no point getting many more visitors to your site if you can't convert them)

NOTE: Unlike some PPC management companies, I realise that these campaigns are not "set and forget" and need regular maintenance, which is part of my service.

I charge a variable setup fee, depending on the number of keywords you have or need in your campaigns.

After you're set up I charge on a monthly basis, based on what you spend in the PPC engines. Smaller budgets get less traffic and need proportionally less maintenance.

All Accounts Get:

  • Complete setup (or overhaul and optimisation) of your current accounts on Google Adwords
  • Up to 20 hours of maintenance a month (Which often works out to less that $14 an hour - you probably pay your plumber more than that!)
  • Daily bid optimisation based on your goals of what you're willing to pay to make a sale or get a lead (Smaller campaigns may require less than daily maintenance)
  • Daily split testing, copywriting & maintenance on your ads in every adgroup in your Adwords account (Smaller campaigns may require less than daily maintenance)
  • Weekly content network bid optimization again based on what you're willing to spend to make a sale or get a lead
  • Weekly keyword deletion strategies to remove non-performing (or poorly performing) keywords from your accounts
  • Monthly keyword expansion to add excellent performing keywords to your campaigns
  • The option of Google Domination once your PPC campaigns are running well (Would you like to several of the top 10 Google listings for your company?)

And don't forget my guarantee:

Risk Free 100% "I'll Pay You if
You're Not Delighted" Guarantee

If I accept you as a client, I'm extremely confident that I can get you the fantastic results that you're after from your PPC marketing.

In fact I'm so sure that I can deliver improvements, that at the end of the first 30 days, if you're not completely happy with the first changes and improvements I've made to your Adwords accounts, I'll refund your money.

I take all the risk, you take none, to prove to you that I'm the only choice when it comes to outsourcing your PPC management!

How gutsy is that guarantee? It makes this offer a "no-brainer" to serious players.

Warning: Google doesn't offer a guarantee. All they guarantee is that you'll get clicks, and that they'll bill your credit card.

This is a rare opportunity to have someone else take on the risk... me!

Here Is Your Next Step:

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And Then Here Are My Next Steps

  1. I'll Contact You Within 3 Business Days
    We'll have a discussion about your requirements and see if what you're selling will work well using PPC advertising. We'll also cover your company's suitability for this programme (I won't sign you up if I don't think I can help).
  2. I'll Start The Ball Rolling
    Time for me to do some serious research & set up your account and start things cooking within 10 business days.
  3. Your New Website Traffic Begins
    You sit back and watch in amazement at the increase in your website traffic.

Here's to getting some great PPC results for you,

Chris Anderson

Business Growth & Website Marketing Specialist

P.S. If you're interested in this service but have a question or two, feel free to email me personally at

Yes, I want to discover how to master my Pay Per Click Google Adwords campaigns, please contact me right away

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I respect your privacy. I will NEVER sell, rent or share your details. That's more than a policy, it's my personal guarantee!