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ChristianMingle com: review for the biggest Christian dating site

ChristianMingle.com is a Christian dating site with the biggest user base in the world in its category. ChristianMingle reviews are totally positive, and this is the right place to build traditional family for all Christians

ChristianMingle com website for finding Christian love: is it true or fake?

Internet offers a large number of dating sites. Almost all of them may differ in features or general concepts, but a typical dating site is intended for a wide range of people. Here young people are looking for communication and relationships, in some cases you can find sites for serious dating and marriage, including sites for mature people. Often common sites for acquaintance of men from rich countries with women from around the world, or sites for dating with the kept women in general.

However, the established order of things does not take into account many categories of potential users. For example, we are talking about those people who consider such sites unacceptable because of inappropriate values. Or there is the question of the lack of focus on specific values for the average user. For example, these are believing Christians. They can also search for a couple online, but it is usually difficult to find a suitable partner on a regular site. There, everything is not so serious in terms of user goals.

What should Christians do in such a situation? Do they need to look for other ways of online dating, or try to communicate on inappropriate sites in an attempt to filter out a huge number of inappropriate profiles? Fortunately, alternative solutions exist. Only you need to know about them. Christians can look for acquaintances to create a strong believing family of one religion on christianmingle.com. Let's try to figure out what we are dealing with.

General info

ChristianMingle.com is a specialized Christian dating site. It is focused on a layer of deeply religious people who are looking for a partner for life. In fact, the site has been working effectively for almost 20 years. It was launched in 2001. During this time, a large number of strong relationships were built here, which is reflected in numerous user reviews around the Internet. The site is considered a highly specialized, but reliable way to find a partner. A community has been built around the site, which is connected by common interests, and this strengthens the opportunities for a successful acquaintance. In total, the site serves more than 15 million people from different parts of the USA, Canada and Europe. Statistics show that about a third of Christian families who found each other online met here. This is a very impressive indicator that proves the weight of ChristianMingle.com. It should be pointed that most of the site’s audience is men and women aged about 30-40 years.

It is interesting to note that the site is constantly evolving. Despite its venerable age, ChristianMingle.com looks modern and includes many effective functions of new sites. The developers did not stop developing since the creation of the site, and this helps to attract a modern audience generation after generation. The scope of visiting and using the site has been steadily active all these years. Let's talk about the technical aspects in more detail.

First look

The main page of the site welcomes the guest with a simple and clean design in the spirit of modernity. All functions and features are visible at a glance, and a list of core values is listed on the main page.

The first thing that each user must do to start the search for partners is registration. There are two options to accomplish this task, a simple login using Facebook, or full registration with data entry via email.

The user must fill out a questionnaire that will help in the Christianmingle com search for partners in advance. There you need to indicate interests, goals of acquaintance, requirements for a partner, attitude to faith and family. Everything is focused on religiosity. You will also need to add your own photos to your ChristianMingle profile.

Upon completion of registration, the next step is ChristianMingle login. Now the user goes to the control panel, where it is possible to modify the profile, as well as start viewing profiles of other users. You can see their photos and text information. There are several functions (for example, sending smiles) to start dating, which in most other sites are only available in paid mode. However, the user will need a paid account for full Christianmingle member login.

Paid functions

The use of christianmingle com for free is partly possible, but you need get acquainted here only with a paid account. The site offers a subscription system, which is more convenient in the realities of dating sites (in comparison with payment for each action). The user can buy a one-month subscription, but the cost of 1 month of using the site is reduced by purchasing a 3-month package (39.99 dollars per month), a 6-month package (29.99 dollars per month) and a 1-year package (19.99 dollars per month). Christianmingle coupons can be reached in various situations.

What happens next? The user can view other people's profiles and find matches. The system regularly sends the best match results for interests, and they should be considered first. A flexible Christianmingle search by parameters is also implemented here. It is enough for the user to indicate preferences and region to see the most relevant profiles.

Then you can say hello or start messaging. A free user has the ability to communicate, but they are limited. This means that free users can chat with each other without restrictions, but they have no access to premium users. In turn, premium users can write messages to all people on the site.

Sending hearts is also available to attract attention, profile likes and more. Another useful feature for paid account owners is the ability to see when another user has read the sent message. ChristianMingle members can select their preferred first dates, including coffee / tea, drinks, food to surprise, or a walk or hike.

We definitely recommend that you learn the community of the site deeper. There is a blog where regularly published stories of Christian acquaintances and many interesting things about faith, family and so on.


ChristianMingle.com has many confidence indicators. Christianmingle reviews are very positive. The likelihood of scam here is minimal. First, the specificity of Christian dating does not interest intruders for the most part. Secondly, it is a long-playing brand, and the site administration firmly protects the reputation in any way. They strive to create the best and safest dating space of their kind for users, and any chance of cheating is stopped immediately. Also, a large number of positive reviews for almost 20 years of the site's existence do their job. This site can be trusted, and it can rightfully be considered the most reliable in its niche.

Mobile app

ChristianMingle.com has its own mobile application in Google Play and App Store. ChristianMingle app has existed for several years and is constantly evolving. The application greatly simplifies the life of mobile users, as it offers the functions of the desktop version of the site in a very convenient and friendly format. However, ChristianMingle mobile version of the site is also very high quality and effective for most gadgets.


ChristianMingle com website is rightfully the best and most ambitious Christian online dating site in the world. The administration adheres to a religious policy, and the likelihood of scam and inappropriate user behavior is nullified. Only responsible Christians who seek to build a traditional family are gathered here. An important plus has become a large and active database of real users, and this fact can not boast most of the competitors. Also worth mentioning is the fact that there is no gender bias, and for every active male user there is a woman. Everyone will find love. In general, the contingent of users is very responsible, and the user will not waste time in vain.

The disadvantages of the site are minimal. More features are open to a paid account, but this is a typical practice for dating sites. The only tangible drawback is that most users are located in large cities and metropolitan areas. Residents of small towns and rural areas will find it a bit problematic to use ChristianMingle.com. However, he who does not try will not receive the result. There are always good chances for everyone.

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