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Shaadi com review: the biggest dating site for Indian people in the world

Shaadi dating site provides a lot of opportunities for people from India to find partners for marriage and creating family. This site is focused on heterosexual relationships due to Indian orthodox religious rules

Shaadi dating website for everyone who want to find their best Indian couple

The peculiarities of the Indian way of life are that the inhabitants of this country and nationality have the tradition of strictly racial marriages. This does not mean that interracial couples are impossible today, because there are a lot of Indians around the world who do not adhere to the traditions of their homeland and live in a progressive free society. In any case, Shaadi dating site is for Indians, which is open to all categories of people of this nationality. The site administration positions the project as a means of finding a couple for marriage and creating a family. That is, the majority of the audience here is aimed at a serious relationship, and this should be noted while creating user account. The main range of users is people of both sexes from 25 to 40 years old, and there are significantly more men. The woman has more room for action.

Shaadi is known as officially one of the oldest dating sites in the world. It was founded in 1996, and has been working to this day without interruptions. The site administration is constantly looking for ways to develop the project, and finds ways to diversify, improve and improve the quality of services for users, whether it is site usability or new features for dating. Over the years, Shaadi has introduced millions of Indian couples, and today there are about 5 million active users registered here. The site primarily serves an audience from India, but also operates in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Singapore. For example, the user audience in the United States is about 1 million users nationwide.

In addition to online activities, the project helps in organizing offline dates for potential couples. However, these services apply to several dozen major cities in India, and only for heterosexual couples. Homosexual relationships are not officially banned here, according the laws of other countries, but the main emphasis of the site’s policy is on a traditional family. This is largely due to the national and religious traditions of India, which are quite strict to this day. But the project does a great job of helping people with physical or mental disabilities, as well as a diagnosis of HIV, to find their loved ones.

It can be argued that Shaadi is one of the most recognizable online brands in India, and we will further familiarize ourselves with the site and features in more detail.

Start using the site

The main page of the site meets a concise, and even minimalistic design. However, this is more than enough to add a modern feel to the project. Unlike many old popular dating sites, Shaadi was not stuck in the 1990s or early 2000s, and continues to develop in all directions. The usability of the site and the maximum opportunities for finding a patner are the concepts above all.

But let's move on to the issue of registering on the site, because it requires special attention due to differences with many other dating sites. The developers of the site focus on the accuracy of the search for the perfect pair, and a very accurate recommendation algorithm is implemented here.

This means that the user will need a little longer to register than usual. However, he will save a lot more time in searching for ideal partners in the future. It's worth it. First, the user must provide basic information about himself for registration, including gender, date of birth, and so on. When the first stage passes, then the time has come to tell you more about yourself. Here the user is given the opportunity to indicate the place and city of residence, education, current place of work and income level, religion, lifestyle, physique and much more. In total, the user's card includes more than 20 basic questions, which are then regenerated into a narrative paragraph of the text for guests of the personal page. It is very convenient. The user can also independently add an additional section with information about himself, which does not have clear instructions on how to fill out. Then Shaadi sign up is possible.

Also, the site administration provides the opportunity to fill out a list of expectations from a potential partner. This will help in calculating the algorithm to identify perfect matches for the site user base after Shaadi sign in.

Functions and activities to find the date

Shaadi dating site free and paid user options are available. A free user has the opportunity to get acquainted with the main features of the site. For example, he can view open user profiles (hidden are only available for premium accounts) except for contact information, or reply to messages by premium users (but not write them).

The maximum of opportunities after Shaadi login, taking into account unlimited communication, opens when you purchase a paid profile. The site has a subscription system. This means that the user pays for periods of use of all the tools without restrictions. The longer the purchased period, the more profitable the cost of using one month of premium services. For example, the cost of 3 months is $ 29.66 per month or $ 88.98, 6 months - $ 21.50 per month ($ 129 per period), 12 months - $ 16.50 per month ($ 198 per period).

Shaadi offers a flexible set of tools for finding couples. Firstly, the user has the opportunity. For example, an intelligent Shaadi search bar is available here for a number of specified parameters. It works in 5 modes and processes more than 20 search criteria. This makes it possible to find almost any partner of the opposite sex, according to the size of the active user audience of Shaadi dating site. Also, the search algorithm based on the entered personal data works in automatic mode. It is enough for the user to open the corresponding page and discover the catalog of the most relevant matches.

Further, the dialogue can be conducted using messages in the internal mail and / or quick chat. The choice should be made based on the status of the user, online or offline at the moment. If desired, couples can receive each other's personal data for further communication, including email and phone number.


The site uses modern encryption technologies, and personal information of users will not be available to third parties. As for Shaadi scams, the developers did everything possible to eliminate such problems. On the Internet the user can find many negative reviews that reject this, but accidents cannot be avoided in the presence of a multi-million audience of users, and the system of using the site looks very reliable at least from a practical point of view.

Profiles are subject to verification by the administration. During the creation of account, the user must indicate the unused mobile phone number, and the account will have to be confirmed by typing a one-time message (which is sent to the mobile phone). Then, the user must provide identification documents. All together speaks of the administration’s qualitative approach to the development of the project, more accurate and high-quality provision of services to users, but the system, quite likely, does not work perfectly yet.

In general, there are a lot of real persons. The best indicator of reliability is the presence of a profile verification icon by the administration.

Mobile App

Shaadi app is very convenient and minimalistic, and it is provided for all devices based on Android and iOS. Also, users can use Shaadi mobile version of the site, which works effectively on most gadgets.


Shaadi is a reliable and flexible tool for Indian dating in India and around the world. This is a real opportunity for religious people to find a reliable and loving partner to create strong relationships and families from a huge user base. There are many comments about scam, which is still exaggerated. Negative experience of use happens, and there is quite a lot of Shaadi reviews from the bad side, but much less often than success or neutral experience. The administration does everything possible to find and block Shaadi scammers, so that the quality of the user experience and the dating process remains at a comfortable level.

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