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UADreams scam reviews aren’t 100% true, and there is the chance to find real love

UADreams is a dating site focused on building relationships between Western men and Ukrainian girls. Here is a huge catalog of beautiful brides from Ukraine, and everyone can meet them and find charming wife in the future

Is UADreams.com worth noting while searching for Ukrainian wife?

Online dating rarely leads to a serious relationship. This is the belief of a large number of people. So say people of different ages, and the adult generation is the most numerous. There are many reasons for such statements. Someone does not want to let the technological process into their lives and try dating on the Internet. Others have already had painful experience in this matter and are skeptical of such prospects. The list goes on.

Is it true that online dating is unpromising? This is too big a niche to make categorical and unambiguous statements. Here follows the question, for what purposes does a person need online dating.

If someone is looking for casual acquaintances and unobtrusive communication, nothing serious, then you should not count on serious results. Any free way of dating is suitable for such purposes, and the risks of fraud will take place there. But there are no obligations. Another thing is if a person seeks love in this way. He has every right to get the result when looking for a soulmate to create a family. In this case, commonplace dating sites are no longer suitable. For a replacement, they should pay attention to sites that offer assistance in finding a future spouse.

There are teams of professionals who manage similar acquaintances. There are many beautiful girls from less prosperous countries who want a chance at a comfortable and safe life with a decent man in a prosperous country. There are many men from Western countries who expect to find a good wife who is mesmerized by beauty and oriented to a traditional family. Everybody wins.

Here are just a lot of such sites, and a lot of scam on them. There is a risk of wasting money and time for nothing. However, the chances of finding someone are also real very often. One of the popular sites in this niche is UADreams.com. He focuses on dating with Ukrainian girls. They are famous for their natural beauty and adhere to traditional values, where the man is the main in the family.

There is a lot of information about successful couples that are created thanks to this site. There are also enough reviews about the scam. Check this UADreams review and learn more about a site that does not leave people indifferent.

First view & basic info

The site greets the user with an outdated design. We see a primitive small page with uadreams login and a list of services. It seems that the site was created a long time ago and has not been updated since then. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the ability to switch between several languages. While other sites offer only an English interface, German, French and Spanish are available here.

However, do not be fooled by the first glance. If you look more closely, we can see a large number of services, and the study of the site’s capabilities should come first.

Let's start by registering. Initial registration is minimalistic. When the procedure is completed, the user can proceed to use the site. All functions are indicated in the header, and it will be quite easy to figure it out.

It should be noted that the site is paid. An unregistered user is not able to carry out any actions here. After registration, it becomes possible to get acquainted with the functions, capabilities and catalog of girls. If everything suits the user, he can switch to paid services that focus on getting to know the girls of the site.

How does uadreams com work? A man can register according to the scheme that we described above. A girl can apply for joining the catalog. All questionnaires on the assurance of the site administration are strictly checked, and each girl receives assistance in filling out the questionnaire. This includes professional photos, as well as assistance in the text design of the questionnaire and communication with men in the future. The thing is that many Ukrainian girls do not speak English and other languages except Ukrainian and Russian.

All this is intended to provide a guarantee of quality acquaintance to men. However, dubious situations happen if you pay attention to the reviews. Let's look at what a man can apply in communication.

Features and prices

Communication, acquaintance and love begin with a catalog of girls after registration. As mentioned earlier, each profile on the site has high-quality photos and detailed descriptions of the interests and wishes of the girls. A man chooses a suitable subject of interest, can study the girl’s page in more detail and start a conversation.

Naturally, in the first place are opportunities for communication. These are paid services. The agency offers the possibility of correspondence by mail. Payment is made for each letter.

In general, we’ll immediately clarify about the service payment system. A credit system is implemented here. This means that the user buys a package of loans that can be exchanged for actions on the site. These actions are aimed at getting to know and chatting. For example, 1 email loan costs $ 6.99, and a package of 100 credits will cost $ 3.99 for 1 letter ($ 399 for the entire package). Translation services should also be considered if this seems expensive.

If the communication goes further, then the user can count on video chat with the girl. UADreams chat for real-time texting is absent. Also, many of the girls have a video slide show of the presentation, and men can watch them for a preliminary acquaintance. Another option for the development of events is to obtain direct contact details of the girl you like. That is, a person pays for the opportunity to communicate with her directly.

Among the additional services, it is worth noting assistance in writing a letter, which helps to attract the attention of girls. Also, a man can attract the attention of his subject of interest with the help of gifts on the site.

We also add that there are services for girls. For example, they can order professional photo sessions and create video business cards, as well as special language courses to develop communication skills. It also helps to find a partner.

If communication goes into an active phase and interest grows, the agency will help the man organize a trip to Ukraine. The service solves all issues of accommodation and moving, plus meeting and communicating with a girl. Also included are excursions and interesting pastimes.

Is it safe?

Is UADreams scam? Feedback on the reliability of the services provided is twofold, judging by the general cut of the available information. On the one hand, there are many sharply negative responses. Also there are people who recommend improving the quality of services, or value for money. There are also UADreams reviews by those who found love quickly and completely satisfied.

This leads to several thoughts and conclusions. The site is not an unambiguous scam, and that's for sure. The site administration is making or at least declaring attempts to fight for quality service, and this struggle is not always successful. Also, the quality of the service leaves much to be desired, and even using the site itself is not very convenient. Especially when compared with competitors. This causes waves of negativity. Dramatically negative feedback refers to people who experience discomfort immediately. And it is clear that the developers could increase the quality of services, or charge a lower fee for acquaintance. The first scenario is better, since people are willing to pay big money for quality service in this case.

Mobile version

There is no mobile app and the technical side is not a strong quality of UADreams.com. If necessary, users can use the mobile version of the site, which is displayed relatively correctly on most smartphones and tablets.


UADreams dating site is very imperfect and quite expensive to use. There are many sites that offer a better ratio of services. However, the reviews hint that real acquaintances are possible here. The catalog of real girls on the site is really big, but UADreams fake profiles are presented too. Perhaps users should spend a little time exploring the site, and if some Ukrainian girl arouses interest, it makes sense to get to know them.

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