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Match Review

In our online world, it is sometime even hard to imagine how to meet your love without dating platforms and other online services. People get used to convenient features of communications and acquaintance, but is it such an easy thing to find really quality site for serious relations?

It may be for some people. However, let’s simplify your search process and talk about one of the coolest options for finding your love. This platform is called – Match. Here in this short and informative review you will get all the important info about Match app, Match sign in and other helpful recommendations for new members. And even if you have used this service before but unsuccessfully, you should better read this article; maybe you were doing something wrong.

Our Thoughts about Match dating

To begin with this platform was initially created as a place where people can find serious relations and not just online chatting and flirty messages, but a website for meeting your partner. It has been successfully helping people to find true love for over twenty years already. That’s why, with this long history of functioning, site has proved the reputation of scam free platform where you should only bother about the search, because all the other is thoughtfully made for you.

As most of other dating sites, this one also offers Match app for the members. This feature is rather useful when you don’t want to miss anything on the platform even on the go. Furthermore, you can download it for free.

The thing that may disappoint some users is that Match has only paid messages. Nevertheless, it is rather controversial thing and there are some people that think totally free platforms are faked and there are too many ads.

Registration on Match

Sign up process is such a usual thing and Match sign up doesn’t differ greatly from other websites. However, this is rather requested question. So, let’s mention some peculiarities for the new members. At first, you should fill in only several important lines for giving general info about you. This includes: email address, date of birth, gender, your state/cite and sexual orientation.

Then after initial process is finished, you will be offered to include some info into your profile. It is step-to-step process and everything is rather easy and quick. Then you should add your photo and write a short presentation of yourself.

That is it, you will only need to verify your email address and start enjoying chatting with others. The whole process will take you maximum 3 minutes. Please, don’t skip important parts because the more information you will include the more exact search process you will have in future.

How to contact users on the Match?

Every chatting should start from searching process for the needed candidate. Of course, the most used feature is “match” by pressing it; you will be offered the most suitable candidates depending on the criteria you’ve mentioned during registration. It is the quickest way to find your love and don’t waste time.

If you aren’t satisfied with this option, you can also try “Discover”. This is so called extensive search option where you can fill in any additional info that you forgot to mention, but you think these criteria are extremely important.

After you have found your candidate, you may send messages, likes or use a chatroom. Moreover, you can have two more options as a premium member, they are: Match me and Match phone.

Match Phone – is a feature that allows you to talk with other person while using anonymous corporate number. If you don’t want to be contacted with this person you can block him/her. So, don’t afraid to explore this exciting feature.

Match Me – is available only for the premium member or those users that met certain criteria. It means that your account will appear as first one.

Quality of the users’ profiles on Match.com

Generally, the quality of all profiles is rather high leveled, because most users are motivated to find their partner and include as much info as they could for better match.

The coolest thing is that you may add 26 pictures and that is really a lot when comparing with other dating websites. Unfortunately, you won’t find there any photo verification, so any user can add even faked photo. However, if you will see several pictures, but not one, the percentage of the profile’s reliability is higher.

Also, you can see the time when this account was active or is it active right now. Moreover, there is usually lots of information in all profiles and that increases your chance to find love just by Match reviewing this account.

One more feature that will definitely increase your chances for Match game is the possibility to send your account to other dating platforms. There exists a collaborating of dating platforms that may function together if the client is not against this.

Match App

As already mentioned before, you can download and install Match app for free. It includes all the same features as a desktop version, so you won’t notice any huge differences of this platform while using an app.

High usability and cool navigation differs this app from concurrent. You can switch on or off any kind of notifications you would like. In such a way, you won’t miss anything urgent.

The popularity of this app is much higher than of a usual PC version of the website; it is because of usage simplicity.

Real Comments from the members of site Match.com

“I’ve been using different dating platforms for 7 years already and there was something special in every platform. I used them just for fun and didn’t plan that someday I will find my love online. Usually I chatted online and had real relations offline. I didn’t keep any secrets; all my girlfriends knew about my virtual relations and were not against them. But after Match sign up, I changed my attitude a little bit. I met so many people who are really searching for meaningful relations online and I found Ann there….” David, 43

“Match dating is just the coolest thing that occurred to me. I found so many good friends there. Definitely recommend this platform for serious relations!” Kate, 24

Prices on Match.com dating platform

As this is paid resource, there are available two options for communication – Standard account and Premium membership. Of course, the price for any of the chosen membership will be lower if you purchase a year membership. You can pick from a year membership, 6 months or 3 months’ account.

A standard user’s price is way lover. For instance, such user will pay 12.99 USD per month (3 months’ membership), while a Premium user will pay 14.99 USD for the same period. The lowest possible month’s usage is 7.99 USD and the most expensive is 14.99 per month.

Additionally, you can pay for boosting your account and get more Match games.

Some peculiar features of the Match

Remember that most of the below mentioned services are available if you have purchased a subscription. So let’s start discussing some of the most used options.

Boost – this feature helps to put your profile at the top of the webpage for one hour. So the possibility to meet somebody increases tremendously.

Reverse match- just Match sign in and except of a standard matches that you are usually offered according to your preferences; you may easily choose a totally different candidate with the criteria opposite to the mentioned once.

Guarantee feature – this is rather unique option that can be available if you purchase 6 months’ membership. It guarantees to give you free membership if during the first 6 months’ period you haven’t got a match.

Dating Check in – one more safety function that will guarantee you secure meeting. How does it work? On the site there will be all the details about the user, you are going out with, about the place where you meet and lots of others. You should just add three contacts and during your meeting you will be asked: if everything is ok? In case your answer will be: Yes, these three candidates will be immediately contacted and notified about everything. Rather useful thing, especially if you are uncertain during the first meeting with unknown person.

Short Summary of Match review

Generally, this dating website is rather intuitive and you don’t need any special knowledge to use this platform. Match login is rather simple and you will need only several seconds to understand how it really works after Match login. So, don’t waste your time anymore and start searching for your love and mutual understanding online. Of course, it doesn’t mean that in a day or two you will definitely find your love and will be the happiest person in the world. Nevertheless, you chances are way higher than in those people who are waiting for a miracle and don’t do anything.

When summing up everything that was mentioned about this website, it is a paid resource with lots of features for communication online. It has reasonable prices and guarantees that you will find a match.

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