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Fdating.com — the most loyal and accessible service for creating the family of your dreams

How to realize the dream of creating a family with a foreigner, if there is no money to turn to marriage agents? It was for dating men and women that the international site fdating.com the full name of which is Free dating and it fully confirms its name.

The resource has been operating since September 21, 2005, and in Russia since 2009, which is the proof of its popularity and relevance among users who are added regularly and leave a large number of positive Fdating’s reviews. A feature of the resource is the offer of free services.

Review and Our Thoughts

Among the popular international dating sites, it has 8.8 out of 10 points. According to the “usability” criterion, fdating site is out of 10 and has 8.9 points. The level of rudeness is estimated at only 1.1 points, according to the presence of chat bots 1.7, and the quality of technical support - 8.9 as the quality of the built-in services.

The site has registered tens of thousands of men and women from 18 to 80 years old from all over the world with different interests and needs. Especially this number is so huge because of simple Fdating’s singing in process. The resource interface allows this, since it is presented in 15 languages and you will easily get all of the tips, no matter you entering in chinese Fdating or european.

The site Fdating can be attributed to the demanded by a number of parameters:

  • free for all users;
  • a large number of users who are online, as they are more likely to meet their soulmate;
  • focus on serious customer relationships;
  • excellent moderation of personal data through mail, message, phone number;
  • availability of privacy settings for those who want to hide part of the information;
  • high-quality and fast technical support;
  • the presence of 15 languages, which lets sing in Fdating from any country and makes it an international dating site;
  • details of the additional search parameters, the presence of filters by appearance, habits, hobbies;
  • availability and ability to leave feedback on the forum;
  • a large number of accounts with photos;
  • Displays the number of participants online.

How can I get to this site and prepare my page for active viewing?

The resource was originally created for the convenience of users, so registration will take no more than 5 minutes. You must specify the gender, country, name or nickname, which will be displayed in the questionnaire and email. Password and page number within 5-10 minutes come by email. If there is no letter for a long time, you can check the spam folder, making sure that it is not there, specify a different mail, there are often cases when letters do not arrive on Yandex, but always arrive on Mail or Gmail. This data will be necessary to enter the site.

Before sending consent to the processing of your data, read the terms of service and privacy policy.

To receive the entire number of services, you should enter your phone number, it will not be provided to guests, but it will guarantee protection against the creation of fake pages and ensure security. So we can surely say that existing of scams in Fdating is almost impossible.

You must enter the registration (singing in Fdating) tab to create a personal account, enter some information about yourself in the proposed form. All data can be left out immediately, but done over time. It is worth entering the date of birth, the presence of family and children and their number.

This is the information that we do not hide from a potential partner and with a personal acquaintance, which we would also like to know.

The main thing is to add photos for active viewing of the page. There are a number of requirements for photographs; they are moderated before becoming available for viewing. It is not permissible to demonstrate:

  • enticing erotic poses;
  • naked body.
  • Photos of such content are quickly deleted, since the administration moderates the pages daily.

What do users like on the site? Impressions of Fdating

Like any dating site, fdating on the first page offers top profiles on which photos of beautiful girls and men. In the left part under the quick search box with the country, gender and age, the number of online users is presented. You can also open on your page an advanced search with a large number of parameters, which will significantly reduce the number of profiles on the issue. You can specify external characteristics:

  • eye color, hair;
  • weight;
  • height;
  • body type.

It happens significantly what zodiac sign, religion. And then it remains to choose from the suggested pages: open and study information about potential partners.

A feature of the service is the lack of a parameter - the level of income, this can already be specified in the process of communication.

But there is a sorting by country, wanting to choose a future spouse from a particular country, you can sort it on it, for example, Germany, France, Finland. A distinctive feature is the list of users celebrating their birthday today. Is this not a reason, congratulating you, to start communication?

The lack of voice and video chat on the resource does not prevent customers from actively communicating, making friends, and making friends.

A large number of profiles makes it possible to find friends and future spouses. Of course, no one is safe from meeting less adequate users who insist on a quick acquaintance, pursuing their own goals, but this is possible, since the resource is free. Those who are not ready to perceive this with irony and fight back, it is better to register on paid sites.

It is worthwhile to persevere in your goal of finding a partner - a resident of another country, and not to despair if it takes a long time.

Difference of a site from others

The site Free dating, which assumes free dating all over the world, compares favorably with many services that provide the same services. Its features include:

  • minimalistic, clear, design, specifically presented information;
  • a large number of profiles of men from other countries;
  • with practical interest - get to know foreigners for the opportunity to come to the country, communicate - the site provides such an opportunity;
  • excellent adaptation of Fdating in Russian or Philippines Fdating;
  • the absence of annoying advertising on other sites, various animated elements that distract from communication and cause irritation;
  • accessible clear and, most importantly, free tools to attract users to the questionnaire;
  • On the resource page there are sections with recommendations on how to register, how to delete an account, the principle of the resource’s operation is described, and tips are given to users.
  • the opportunity to receive detailed information on the forum from those who have found their half, or the study of not entirely successful experience, and this helps to avoid mistakes, to be too trusting and not picky.

What is with mobile app of Fdating?

In the absence of an application, the mobile version of the resource works well on all gadgets so you can login Fdating even from your cellphone at any place you want.

The mobile application of Fdating has an ideally thought-out design, the ability to enable notifications and stable operation, which gives full access to users from any country and allows you to communicate quickly without any malfunction.

Fdating reviews of the users

Like any product, the site is evaluated by users who express different opinions. If we generalize them, then we can distinguish several main positions.

Finding a partner, including a foreigner, for communication on Fdating is not difficult. But then the questions related to expectations begin. There is no guarantee that the first time you meet a person with whom you can eat a pound of salt. Therefore, the search for a partner takes a long time, as well as communication, correspondence, clarification of topics close to communication, common views and interests. Women are distrusted by men who are ready for meetings, but who do not want to take on responsibilities, but this is quite common in meetings without dating sites.

Site works well in many countries, so you can find your soulmate not only from the USA Fdating. You can easily talk to men or women who are using chinese Fdating, but that’s not all! There are lots of people from British or even Philippines Fdating and even if you don’t start a serious relationship with them, you can always expand your horizons

Often women note rudeness and obscenity in messages, which, of course, is difficult to avoid on a free dating site.

But the lack of payment is also the plus that makes the resource so attractive for constant use in the search for partners. And many, before dwelling on one thing, review a large number of questionnaires, correspond, making preferences towards adequate, intelligent, partners with really serious intentions. After all, the choice is always up to the person, and one should not lose one’s head, wishful thinking, one should analyze words and facts.

The unambiguous pluses include the lack of filters against female users from Russia, as is organized on many international dating sites. When men in several countries block Russian profiles because of political sanctions between Russia and other countries.

How does technical support work?

The site has reliable technical and administrative support, clear instructions are provided, for example, to delete a page.

They recommend copying the link with the page before deleting the profile, and then it will be possible to check at the end of the process whether everything was done. Further, all account data is erased. For the administration, the reasons why users leave the resource are not indifferent, therefore, the penultimate action is to present the reason for unsubscribing, and only after that the profile is deleted without the possibility of restoration. And if you enter a pre-copied link in the address bar of the browser, a notification appears that there is no such profile.

Data is erased without the ability to restore it, so if you need to login Fdating and find some information, save it in advance in another place. To verify the success of your actions, insert a pre-prepared link with your former profile in the address bar of your browser. A notification should appear on the screen that such a profile does not exist. Support quickly finds out scams in Fdating and deletes fake accounts not to let them ask for some money from users and annoying any people.

They also offer a way to delete their profile: change all the data to a random set of letters, and instead of the photo put portraits painted by modern or ancient artists, and the moderators will quickly identify and delete the page. The easiest way is to contact support with a request to delete the page.


During authorization, you need to use your Fdating’s login and password are entered, if the data is forgotten, then you can restore it using the portal assistant.

Summing up, we can note the advantages of a site offering a large selection of profiles of users from a large number of countries, a real opportunity to find a life partner, free resource and excellent technical support work in USA Fdating or even in chinese.

The site works worldwide with high stability and completely excluding fake profiles.

This is one of the few cases when a dating service is very close to ideal, it has verified all aspects and interface, and it really makes it possible to create a dream family.

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