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Still searching for a reliable dating site? Then read this article about OkCupid!

Online dating industry is huge, there are so many new sites lunch almost every day that it can be really hard to find something meaningful. All these platforms may be divided into several groups such as: sites for serious relations, chatting apps, travel and meet friends and more.

Here in this article, you will get all the needed information about OkCupid. It is one more place where you can find your online love.

Our thoughts about OkCupid

This is a unique place where due to thoughtful match feature; you can find your love much easier. Now, you don’t need to waste lots of time on a search process. Just pass several tests immediately after registration and you will get the more realistic matches just by one click.

How does this OkCupid dating algorithm work? It’s rather simple and you may say it works as other dating platforms. At first, you register your account then pass some tests in order to specify your requirements to your partner. This feature is really functional and you have no need to search for the ladies. The needed variants will be offered to you. Then you will chat with girls and start building serious relations.

The functionality of the website and its effectiveness can be proven by simple numbers. Let’s take for instance several figures; more than 91 million couples meet each other at this site during one year. Also, more than 50k dates are held every week due to OkCupid search.

One more fact that can proof the OkCupid app reliability is its long history. OkCupid dating website was launched in 2004. Since that time, it has improved greatly, added so many helpful features and became really popular platform. So, today it is a place where you are connected with your love through helpful questionnaires which can include such things as your attitude to global changes and more.

Registration on OkCupid dating website

The whole process of registration on this site will take you only several seconds and not more. Just follow the below mentioned simple steps. At first you should press a red button “sign up” and choose your gender and orientation. After that, you should enter such usual facts about you as: location, email, date of birth, username and password. The following step is adding the photo and writing several words about you as a small presentation. Then every user should pass a short “Yes-No” test and choose 3 users that you would like to chat with.

All these important steps make your further usage of OkCupid dating easier and more functional.

How to communicate with users on this website?

Communication on OkCupid app is the easiest way of interacting with other people. Just install this app and review all the available profiles. Like the other user and wait till the reaction of this person, otherwise you won’t have a possibility to chat. So, if two people are not interested in one another, the communication will be impossible.

To higher the chances of the reply, you may send an introductory message. And if you are rather creative, you will definitely get a reaction for your message. One may say that this “wait for response” ruins everything and doesn’t promote online communication. However, it isn’t true, you are just communicating with people you like.

There is one cool feature that if you liked a person and don’t get a reaction or any kind of reply, you won’t see this person any more. Simply swipe profiles and chat with the coolest users on OkCupid dating app.

Quality of the profiles

The best thing about OkCupid profiles is that you can review any of them for free. Most of dating websites are rather pricy because every feature is paid once and you couldn’t even check info in the accounts of other users. Here on OkCupid dating site you won’t have such a problem.

Furthermore, all the uploaded photos are also available for free. You don’t need to spend money for this feature.

After replying all the match questions, personal traits option will be opened to you. The more characteristics you will add the more precise your matches will be.

Generally, the quality of OkCupid profiles is rather high. They include lots of detailed information, high quality photos and short description of a user.

OkCupid dating app

Frankly speaking, not all dating websites have apps, but OkCupid mobile version exists. Moreover, it is considered to have the best users’ interface when comparing it with lots of other websites. It includes all the same features as PC version, so if you have never tried it, you’d better start using OkCupid mobile variant.

Now, you don’t need to wait till the end of the working day for communicating with your beloved one. You can response every minute while on-the-go or being in an office. You may communicate and have fun even during hard working hours just to relax.

Also, all the features are greatly organized and you are just swiping profiles and reacting to them or not. Isn’t that a cool, you are watching photos of hot users and can start chatting with any of them the next moment. It is much easier to contact users on such sites than on usual social networking platforms. Here all the members are looking for the same, love and appreciation.

Comments from real users of the site

“My OkCupid sign in was provoked by serious life circumstances. We broke up with my beloved one and I was almost in the depressive state of mind. However, this atmosphere of support and love has changed everything and I started to return to real life. I am so thankful to OkCupid dating site for this opportunity and definitely recommend this place for all who are searching for meaningful relations online.”
Mike, 36

“Few months of chatting on OkCupid mobile site gave me more than several years of useless dates that led nowhere. I met Jane there and now we are the happiest couple in world. We are the most ideal match and I think it would be really hard to find such a lady in real life. So, guys if you are still in the love search and don’t have any results, you’d better start with OkCupid.”
Jim, 42

Prices and OkCupid promo codes

Everyone can use this cool website for free, however if you want to get more exclusive attitude and more features you should better try a premium membership. There are two variants which you can use Basic or Premium accounts. Premium membership will give you an access to all the available features and options on the website. Nevertheless, there is a positivity to “boost” your popularity on site without purchasing any paid accounts. Just order this “Boost” feature and you will be at the top of all the rates for 30 minutes.

Now, let’s speaking more about the prices in this OkCupid review. The cost of a Basic one month’s account is 7.95$ while Premium one is 24.90$. As on most of other dating websites, the pricing policy is almost the same, the longer you will be using this paid membership the less money you will spend. For instance, one month usage of a Basic account will cost you only 3.95$ if you purchase a six months’ membership.

Except of these huge discounts, there are also available OkCupid promo codes and other coupons. So, every member can choose his/her own suitable paid or free membership or delete OkCupid account at all.

Additional functionality of the site OkCupid

Here in this paragraph, we will mention only several the most used features after OkCupid login. So, if you are interested in all the available options, you’d better visit official website.

The first feature is called “Double take”. Rather cool thing with the help of which you are just swiping left or right if you are interested in this member or not.

“Who you like” - is an awesome feature which saves all the members you liked. Just enter this page and contact anybody from your favorite’s list. So, no need to use OkCupid search for someone, just enter this webpage and save lots of time.

Blog – is one more free option that it available for all the members. There you can find lots of helpful recommendations on how to date ladies online, boost your popularity, how to delete OkCupid account and more. Only one click and you can get the most useful recommendations ever.

“Boost” is a paid option that will show your profile more frequently to other members during a specific time period.

Short Summary

Since the initial launching of this dating platform, so much has been done for the users’ comfort such as for instance OkCupid customer service and OkCupid reviews with lots of recommendations. So many lonely people had found their love in this world due to OkCupid.

If you are now sitting at home and waiting for your love, you’d better register your account on this dating platform and your life will become much easier. You will meet lots of good friends and maybe even your online love partner. Just start acting and you will see the difference immediately.

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