Terms of use

If you don’t agree with the below mentioned terms of HMU site usage you should not press a registration button. During the sign up, you automatically agree with all the terms and conditions even if you haven’t read them.

  1. Eligibility. By signing up on HMU you agree that you are 18 years and more. Those users that are younger are not allowed to use this dating platform.
  2. These terms effect all the users of this website. However, if you delete your account you have no need to follow any of these conditions.
  3. The site is only for the individual users. It is a dating platform that forbids agencies and ad companies registration there and promote their services. Also, other users couldn’t not chat with the ladies under your account. Only a site’s member is responsible for all the activity on the website and no one else will be responsible for your acts. So don’t share your password and login with anybody else.
  4. HMU has content right. That’s why, site’s database, copywriting, design are in its property and no one can use it. It is forbidden to display, copy, sell, publish or modify site’s information.
  5. HMU has the right to delete any posted information, which may be illegal, offensive or such data that threats safety of the other site’s users.
    You are fully responsible for all the shared information including photos, video material, posts and profile data. Everything that you send to the other member or post on the site is totally your responsibility.
  6. The following content is prohibited on HMU site and administration has the right to investigate such cases and take some legal actions:
    • Offenses that promotes physical harms, hatred, racism or any other sort or cultural or personal discrimination;
    • Harassment of any of the site’s users;
    • Spamming;
    • Promotion of illegal services via link sending to other site’s members. It includes: pirate music, computer programs and others;
    • Promotion of threatening or illegal actions.
    • Nudity, violence, pornography and criminal materials are totally forbidden on this website.
    •  Sharing any kind of information that includes instructions about illegal actions such as computer viruses creation, weapon buying and way more;
    • Ad sharing via your private account among the other users.
  7. You shouldn’t mention your phone number, address, last name or any other personal info in your public account. Otherwise, some users may use it for illegal purposes. To prevent this situation, try to control everything that you share online on HMU.
  8. Of course, all the members should review terms of usage before the registration on the site. However, HMU cannot guarantee that all the users read this info and are of a minimum required age. Also, it is possible that other members share abusive information on this platform. If you noticed any forbidden activity on this website, you should immediately contact the support team and notify them about such a case.
  9. HMU isn’t responsible for the confidentiality of the posted information. Please, control everything that you share in your profile and while chatting with other users on the site. Site cannot control your private chats and your actions and messages. So don’t click any suspicious links that you may receive, don’t send any money to other members and don’t mention your address and other private info even in a video chat with a girl.
  10. While using the site you agree on sharing some of your private info with the site administration such as your password, user’s name, date of birth and more. This data is secure and will never be shared with other third parties, you can be sure in this.