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LatamDate Review on the dating service that focuses on Latin brides

The company behind the project is Qpid Network, a leading online international network that specializes in social networking and communication, which in its turn is operated by Elite State Macao Commercial Offstore Limited. Qpid Network offers an array of industry-related services such as translation, gifts, flowers, and call services. All of them are performed on a high level and LatamDate com is just one of its products. The network also includes such dating services as CharmDate.com and ChnLove.com.

Review and our thoughts

It takes inner strength to start dating a woman from Latin America. However, real actions are required as well, which can be either efficient or not. LatamDate is the shortest way leading to your goal thanks to its focus on Latin brides and the efficient work in the sphere of matchmaking.

This trustworthy dating service was developed to enhance your dating experience and establish serious and lasting relationships. Qpid Network has accumulated much experience in the sphere after it was launched in 1998. The members of its staff know all aspects of online dating and help its clients to achieve the results with the best solutions.

Sign-up process

The process of signup is a no-brainer and requires only basic information upon registration. Though it can be helpful to learn more about the person to find the like-minded individual, some services leave it up to users thinking that no machine can substitute the human mind and intuition. Still, the dating company reviewed by us employs a powerful matching engine, so it can be used to find the finest candidate.

It is incredibly easy to register on the service. It doesn’t take much time thanks to the intuitive design and clear interface. The person just leaves a name, surname, and email address to create an account. One should always remember about the security of the account. It’s important to devise a complicated password not to be vulnerable to hacking intrusion. Many victims of hackers’ attacks could easily avoid numerous problems with such simple measures as a strong and reliable password. Therefore, don’t neglect this way to stay secure. Even if the company uses advanced firewalls and anti-viral protection, you can contribute to your safety as well before sharing your personal data online.

Though this dating website performs identity verification, this procedure is not mandatory for users of the service. Men often choose it for a big selection of Latin brides though girls of other nationalities are also presented in the selection. Their diversity is amazing. After the process of registration is completed, you immediately become a member of LatamDate. Sign in without delay to use the full functionality of the service.

Use the search to get the gallery of potential matches – people who seem to be suitable for you in accordance with your preferences. So, it’s time to start the conversation with someone you like.

Making contact

It’s necessary to pay for two-way communication on the service. The search filter can help members of the service to browse for candidates easily. When you send letters and reply to emails, you have to pay for these services.

The good news is that the person can send an unlimited number of messages. This is great because people need to communicate much to understand each other better. There are so many girls on the website who pursue serious relationships. The search filter is very easy. It takes several seconds to get the desired result that lets you narrow down your search.

Profile quality

Provide genuine data to the service where your personality is reflected to find a person with maximum compatibility. There are a lot of success stories on the website motivating the users of the platform to apply a more active approach when looking for the soulmate.

The database of the service includes mainly Western men who prefer the ladies of Latin American origin. The girls from Latin America come to the website to find a trustworthy, caring man from the Western country. Both parties have to follow a definite procedure before they get access to the functionality and start dating online. Each profile includes basic information along with personal details. The data provided there is traditional: weight, height, age, education, family, likes, and hobbies together with views of the person upon the family and future. It’s important to determine the relationship the lady wants to have. Does she have serious intentions or not? The most painful thing for both parties is the incongruity in this respect. For instance, one person is looking for fun, while the other one plans to start a family. It entails misunderstandings and conflicts. Isn’t it better to agree upon the plans and views in advance? It will remove further problems if everything’s clear between the parties.

It’s worth saying that full profiles are not available for those who use a free version of the website. One has to upgrade the account for the efficient use of the dating service. The photo is not necessary. However, it’s evident that the search will be more effective with a photo added to your profile. It’s better to see the person once to understand if it’s worth to continue the correspondence. The person should also provide a story describing his or her personality to differ from other members. It should be a description that attracts attention to have more men/women to choose from.


The customers may want to stay in touch even when they don’t have access to the computer. Therefore, the use of a mobile app can be quite handy. With a mobile application, online daters can easily continue communication even being on the go. They don’t have to wait for the opportunity to send a letter as they can do it 24/7. It makes the bond stronger between the people and improves their relationship every day. They can respond faster when they prepare to meet and need to solve many organizational problems. Fortunately, the team of developers understand the importance of all these things for the future of many couples and provided this opportunity for them when they developed the mobile application.

Is LatamDate scam or fake?

When men decide to settle down and start a family, it may seem to them that it doesn’t take effort. Many of them think that their decision is the most important thing but life suddenly shows that it’s not that easy to find a perfect bride. When failures occur and a chosen girl rejects the man, his reaction can be unexpected. He can suddenly decide that the girl wasn’t real and the dating company deceives its clients. This often demonstrates how bad reviews appear online. And LatamDate reviews are not exclusion.

It can be hard to prove that the company does its work honestly when sensitive strings of heart are affected. The company doesn’t provide a guarantee that all girls who apply to the service are honest and pure in their intentions. Each man should be attentive and discerning enough to notice that in a girl. The only thing this unbiased review can state that the company tries to please its customers and deliver the best possible service to them. All suspicious activity is immediately curbed. If a user suspects some dubious intentions, he should inform the team of the service about it. The necessary check will be conducted then to determine if these suspicions have a grounding or this is merely a man’s imagination.

Real life review

“I downloaded the dating app quickly and started live chat enjoying video shows of singles. I like everything about the service that provides all I need for communication. Now I correspond with two beautiful Latin ladies and not sure whom I like best. Both are nice and smart, while one is just stunning and looks like a beauty queen. Time will tell what will come of it. I’ve met Paola already, but still would like to spend some time with Maria to see how it’ll work between us. I feel really happy with such a choice at the moment.”
Richard, Whitby, North Yorkshire.

Design and usability

It’s a big responsibility to create a web space for people who look for their future partners. It should look extraordinary and create a special feeling in users who come to it with hope to improve their life. It’s worth saying that the company has provided a friendly design and rather a cozy environment for its users where they feel calm and relaxed as they try to solve their problem. They are concentrated on the relationship and nothing else because there are no technical obstacles on the way. Everything is well-thought to deliver the best possible experience. The users in such an environment feel better and, consequently, are friendly to each other. The atmosphere of mutual respect reigning there lets you reveal the best properties and show your personality in a favorable light.


Men have to purchase credits to send emails to ladies, to get responses from them, and watch the girls’ videos. The credits are sold in the packages and the price varies depending upon the number of credits in the package from 7 USD for a pack of 3 credits to 399 USD for a pack of 100 credits. One can also buy packs with 8, 16, and 60 credits in the pack. The members of the service with an active position can spend their credits rather fast. Every email, for instance, will cost about 7 USD, so there are a lot of situations when men spend much money but don’t accomplish any goals, therefore, they may feel disappointed.

Many users complain that there is just a single mode of payment and this is inconvenient for them. The company cares well about the security of its clients and gets rid of any signs of scam or fraud. The accounts with suspicious activity are blocked without delay. All fake profiles are removed from the service as soon as the system discovers them. The clients shouldn’t worry about sharing sensitive information with the service. Everything was done to preserve their privacy. Though the project has many drawbacks, the website is often mentioned as one of the most effective in terms of matching and this is the most important thing.

There are many verified users in the system and this contributes to its efficiency. A smart rule to reward customers for verification turned out to work well. Those who verify their identity can get free credits. Those who don’t want to pass the verification procedure should purchase extra credits to start using the full functionality of the service. It’s necessary to buy premium membership then.

Special features

The functionality of the website is extensive, and this considerably enhances the experience of the person on this website. One of the most alluring tools for members is instant chat with multiple LatamDate online ladies simultaneously. There is a wide range of tools such as calls, emails, video chats, cam shares, gift delivery, and live chats, which are very popular with members of the community. It helps to see if there is chemistry between people. Sometimes one live conversation is worth dozens of emails. It’s better not to select the one way of communication only but to combine them to make the most of these means. The right combination of convenient chatting options will bring good results.

Editor’s conclusion

At the time of writing over 3.5 million people use the service. At this, 58% of users are ladies, so men have a good selection of brides to choose from. 42% of the members are men. It means that competition is high among women. The age of most people using the service varies from 35 to 45. This is the service for people who prefer traditional relationships with the opposite sex. There is no section for users with homosexual preferences. The website hosts the ladies from Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and other South-American countries. The search is usually more effective when the person understands what he or she expects to find on the service. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to think thoroughly about the requirements you have to your potential partner. It’ll save time, efforts, and money and will increase your chance to succeed.

Comparison with other dating services

Though this dating service targets mainly people who are fond of Latin brides, and can lose many customers who don’t enter this category, it still succeeds because it can effectively filter out people in the vast online area who are passionate about this type of women. Sometimes it can be more efficient to profit from a certain segment instead of trying to please all kinds of users simultaneously.

In contrast to many other dating services, it is not a necessary requirement to add a photo to the account. This makes the terms not that strict but at the same time reduces the efficiency of search.

If we look at the reviews, we will see negative reviews as well that are natural when services are provided in such a sensitive area. The site has a better reputation than other dating services with similar specialization. The company is more professional than others since it has been presented over 20 years on the market and studied it well. All highly professional dating experts are at your disposal in this service. The prices are average, but still, the service can be rather pricey for active users.


Q: Is it possible to send letters through your site at any time?

A: The system is absolutely automatic. It means that you don’t depend upon anybody when you need to use the resource. The dating service is available round the clock. You can purchase the services, write letters, watch videos, and respond to the messages without anybody’s help. The customer service just supports the website and is required only when something goes wrong.

Q: Is it possible to use the service on mobile only?

A: The fully-featured functionality of the mobile app lets owners of smartphones and tablets use the service entirely on the mobile gadget. It was developed to be a substitute for desktop version for the lovers of mobile devices.

Q: Can I close my account when I find the soulmate?

A: It’s possible to disable the account at any time with the opportunity to restore it later. The holder of the account should enter Settings and find that function there.

Q: What should I start with to date a girl?

Start with a search introducing necessary parameters to search boxes and then just send a mail to a girl you liked.

Q: Is Latamdate free?

A: The person can register free of charge. Also, it’s possible to get access to partially open profiles without payment. However, it’s necessary to pay money to contact the person.


Each dating service has its nuances of work, therefore, let us know if something is not clear. Try to clarify everything in advance before you use the service to remove all hesitations.

If you, previously, was a client of this service, we would be glad to hear about your assessment of this service. So many people look forward to unbiased reviews to make the right decision. Help them to discover the dating service that can settle their life!

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