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Finding the truth about dating with trusted J4L review

Are you lonely and want to build serious relations? Are you tired of all these useless dates which don’t lead to anything? Then online dating is the best choice for you. It is the easiest acquaintance which can happen with you. Just enter your profile and communicate with the prettiest ladies from all over the world.

If this topic is really interesting and you would like to find out more, then just continue reading this article.

Jump4Love site review

J4L dating is the best possible dating experience which you can find online. Even a couple of years ago, it was a major difficulty to find a quality platforms where it is possible to communicate with the women  from Russia and Ukraine. These countries were so distant and there were only stories about the beauty of Slavic women and their family values. Now, you can try to build meaningful relations with the most charming women in the whole world just with several clicks of your mouse. Isn’t that impressive?

Except of a huge catalogue of pretty ladies, there is one more advantage of this platform. It has been functioning for several years already and gained a good reputation of a safe and reliable place. After reviewing lots of comments about Jump4Love dating site, I haven’t noticed any comments about scams or frauds. Users prefer to discuss other topics and that is fantastic.

J4L login procedure before finding people

Once you enter this website, you will intuitively understand how it is all functioning. It is as simple as using your Facebook page. When entering a homepage you can immediately review the whole gallery of the registered women and check out the quality of their profiles. Also, you can review an intro video about relationship with charming Slavic ladies.

When you have checked everything and decided to register your account on this platform there are several options for you. It is possible to fill in all the info manually or use your Facebook or Google account for registration. The last mentioned variant is instant and you can immediately start communicating with charming Slavic brides. In addition to this, it is better to read all the terms and privacy policy before agreeing with them.

After the initial stage of registration, it is also recommended to fill in your profile. This step is extremely important and you’d better spend some time and make your profile as detailed as possible. This is like the first impression which you can make while dating lady in real life. Nothing can be more important that this first impression in the online world. Don’t forget to add a couple of great photos.

General characteristic of the communication tools

When you have found a lady, you’d better add her to the list of your favorites. It is such a cool option and you will never ever forget about your top rated women and can check their profiles and are they online with only once click.

Jump4Love.com website offers only major communication features in order not to distract clients from the main goal – find meaningful relation. When there are tons of tools, user tries to check all of them and that is okay. However, if you are limited in variants you will concentrate more into online relations and your virtual partner.

Jump4Love dating has two communication options such as online chatting and mailing. Most of the users prefer chatting, because it is instant and quick. If you contact a member who is offline, your message won’t disappear and you will be immediately informed when your invitation will be accepted. However, there are users who prefer mails and that is okay. You will have your special mailbox where you can check and answer each letter.

Something about the quality of profiles

To be honest, most of the profiles look extremely similar. There are some cool photos, a standard questionnaire which every user fill in. At the end of each profile, there is a short self-description, a few sentences about the desirable partner and even some goals and plans for the future relations.

A standard profile contains such info as description of appearance, bad habits, level of English, occupation, education, religion, and date of birth. This info is enough for you to decide whether you want to contact such kind of lady or you don’t.

Please, review all the categories and only if you are sure in your chose you can start communication. Well, you may skip this stage and immediately text the girl, but the situation will be such as you will waste lots of time and efforts for useless chatting will everybody. This is not really helpful when you are seriously searching for meaningful relations.

Jump4Love prices

After the registration on J4L you will notice that all the chatting features are paid once. Instead of the standard membership approach that most of dating agencies  have, J4L decided to use a credits system. This means you are paying only for the used features and there are no additional fees for the activation of the particular level.

Here are Jump4Love reviews about the prices for the most used chatting tools. For instance, letter costs 7 credits, a minute of online chatting is a credit, and a minute if video connection is the same as chatting. If you want to review lady’s video presentation be ready to spend 10 credits for each clip.

These credits are sold in packs and the more you order at once the more you will save money. Let’s review some of the offers, the biggest pack includes 750 credits and you will spend $299 for it. The most popular variant as for now contain 250 credits and costs $112. The cheapest possible option includes 20 credits and costs $12. Also, there are such packs as 60, 120, 350, and 500 credits.

Sometimes new clients are bothered because, they are afraid of Jump4Love scam s, but there is no need to worry about anything. This is a safe platform where all the information is immediately encrypted and no one will have an access to it. Even the site’s administration couldn’t review your personal info.

Is Jump4Love really safe?

Before registration and first Jump4Love login every person wants to be sure in the reliability of the site and that is okay.

The first thing which is guaranteed by the site’s administration is the seriousness of the women’s registration. There are local offices in Russia and Ukraine which every woman should visit and prove her real intentions according to the love search. Moreover, every lady needs to show a document that will prove her marital status. The process is really long and only motivated women are signed up, you can be sure in this. So, there are no scammers among ladies, it is for sure.

As for the money transactions and personal data, this info is immediately encrypted and no one gets an access to it. The process is the same as with online shopping. No need to worry about it.

Real clients’ reaction about J4L

“Personally, I don’t like these long reviews and comments. So, I will try to mention only the necessary stuff. As for me, options for communication are enough and the prices are rather reasonable. The only problem that I faced was a huge distance between all the charming girls and me. Tickets are really expensive and I had only one real date, but I have chosen the wrong person for it….”

“J4L is a great platform where I found lots of sincere women who are really searching for meaningful relations. I think that the prices may be lower, but all the other services and features are just okay. I am now at the stage of planning my real date. Hope that everything will be ok for both of us. She is really charming and tender lady, don’t want to disappoint or shock her in any way)”


J4L is definitely a place that every person should explore. It opens new horizons for the future relations and that is fantastic. If you are sitting at home and dreaming about real relations why not to start acting and changing your life. Relations and marriage may be closer than you think!

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