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Loveme.com review

Loveme.com USA based company also dubbed as “A Foreign Affair Dating website” refers to one of the most popular dating services for individuals looking for partners to establish a serious relationship. The platform LoveMe.com was launched in 1995. Since then many couples have found each other thanks to its functionality and efforts to connect singles from different countries of the globe. It’s also worth noting that the service has been awarded as the Best International Dating Agency and Best Niche Dating Site in 2020. It received similar awards in 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2019 as well.

Review and Our Thoughts

According to the statistics, there are 80,000 members on the site from the United States alone. However, only 60,000 of them are active users. there are more men on the website than women, but it’s necessary to point out that not all ages are distributed evenly. For instance, there are a lot of young ladies on the site, but men mostly belong to the middle age group or older. The list of new members is displayed on the site so the photo can be seen in the gallery of new members after registration.

Signup process

It can be hard to understand if the service meets your demands or not until you try the way it functions as a member of the platform. The sign up procedure doesn’t take much time as the user provides just the basic information on the first stage: first and last name, email address, birthdate, and his/her country. It’s obligatory to fill out all fields to get access to the site. Devise a complicated password to protect your account and start your search.

Still, more details will be needed further because this is the only way to make the search effective. There is a huge gallery of men and women, so how to determine which of them are suitable? The photo that is necessary for registration may not be a good basis for such a decision though it matters much when the potential partner is selected.

The pop-up window that emerges when you open the registration page was created to encourage visitors to fill out the form. It offers a database of 40,000 foreign women and free access to it in case of registration. At the same time, it promises instant visibility by thousands of foreign women. However, there is a small addition at the bottom of pop-up window that urges to have a sneaky peek at those who might be interested in you. The link is clickable but the results are not affordable until you register on the site.

The functionality becomes available to the person after the process of registration. This step will enable the member to edit his or her profile and save messages as drafts. It’s also possible to retrieve a message that was sent by the user before and save the search options. There are also other exclusive member services.

In the effort to find a match for each member, the team of the service tries to determine the basic traits of the person without relying upon the personal description that is, certainly, too subjective to be trusted. It becomes possible due to the results received from the personality test offered to users upon the registration.

Both men and women have to answer the questions to sign up. It follows the initial stage after you leave your personal data. However, the final step of registration differs as women have to upload their pictures while this is not mandatory for men. Also, the questions differ depending upon the gender. In the case with a woman, more questions are asked about her appearance, while a man has to answer questions concerning his background. Everything is, actually, the same, just the focus is different. It, probably, depends upon different requirements of men and women to their potential partners. But no matter who you are, it will take several minutes to complete the questionnaire stage.

Making contact

The ladies you can see in the gallery are mostly singles from Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and countries of Latin America. The member of the service can only browse across the database and select the profiles for free. Any action performed by the man to contact the lady is charged with a fee. It’s possible to send messages of different kinds that vary in color. When the message is blue, it means that this is the first message of a person where he/she introduces himself/herself. These messages are sent on the basis of profile information to all those who can be compatible with you. When the message is green, it means that you’ve received a reply to your message. Alongside with these messages, there are other ways to contact the person – one can send a gift, for instance, a bunch of flowers. The company tries to motivate its members to make gifts as those who reach the threshold of 200 dollars, get the opportunity to call the soulmate for free with services of translator included. The duration of this call is 10 minutes. The man should notify the other party a day before he makes a call.

Profile quality

The extensive gallery of ladies presents beautiful women from different countries. The profiles include the basic information about each user helping to narrow down the search for singles who look forward to meeting a special person. The platform is used first of all for the search of suitable candidates to start correspondence with a further goal to determine the common goals, interests, and values. In case of compatibility and mutual interest in closer communication, the parties can make a decision to meet. However, many men decide to follow a different pattern and prefer to see the ladies instead of durable correspondence. Fortunately, this is just the platform that is needed for such clients because it arranges the romantic tours for its users. Nevertheless, it’s important to find the match first before embarking on an oversea adventure. Therefore, psychologists have come up with a questionnaire that can scientifically determine the suitability of two people before making a couple.


Many web resources develop their own mobile application to suit the needs of users on the go. It would be great to have Love Me app as well. It’s hard to explain the reason why Love Me. com refused from the idea, whether they think that choice of a partner is not something that is made on the move, or they just didn’t have enough time for it and plan to provide the mobile app in the future. Whether it’s their philosophy or not, the service doesn’t offer a mobile app at the time of writing. However, there’s a solution for those who travel much and need to contact a soulmate being on the road. The mobile version of the website looks well enough if you open it on your smartphone or tablet. The mobile version seems to be optimized to a small resolution of the screen, but what is more important all its features function properly. So, it’s probably not that convenient than its desktop version, but still, it works fine.

Is LoveMe service scam or fake?

The men can be sure that ladies they see in the gallery of LoveMe.com are real. The company cares about the authenticity of profiles, trying to protect the company from fraudsters on both sides thus preventing loveme.com scam. Besides, there are a lot of loveme com reviews online telling about the history of their dating and further relationship. The footage of excursions showing beautiful ladies seeking the partner via the agency is an excellent proof of their authenticity.

The romantic tours chosen by some men also reveal the authenticity of girls’ profiles. The detailed ladies’ profiles help to find a compatible match. Some girls even have videos in their profiles so it is a good opportunity to make sure they are real.

The background of each man who embarks on a romantic vacation to meet foreign brides is thoroughly tested by a Foreign Affair. This is done for security reasons. Those who feel lonely get the opportunity to find someone special and fill life with joy thanks to these vacations.

As for loveme com scams you can read online, it’s worth saying about multiple fake pages created to lure users, promise much to them and then demand payments from customers. These are not original pages and they don’t represent this company. You have to be very careful when you register on such a website.

Real life loveme.com review

” I was tired of being alone after the breakup with my girlfriend. At that period, I ran across this service. I’ve read many loveme com reviews before I registered. Some men were disappointed while others were so exhilarated with their experience that I also decided to try. It took some time though to find my Yulia. It seemed I was wasting my time and was ready to give up but eventually it worked out well. We are successfully married and expect a baby soon.”
Dan, Merchandize Manager, New Orleans

Design and usability

The design of the site seems to be a little cluttered and not organized well. However, everything users need is at hand. Therefore, it can be called a user-friendly design despite the fact that it looks a bit messy at first glance. There is nothing extraordinary about the interface. You will not find sophisticated features there as the site is devoid of them. It doesn’t try to look modern or fashionable but just does its job without trying to impress you with design. Instead, they try to impress the users with pictures of beautiful girls and this strategy proves to be rather effective. The number of users doesn’t subside with years. It’s worth noting the stability in this respect.

The navigation doesn’t create problems as well. It’s easy to understand where everything’s located and how to get to the right place. However, it looks strange a bit that the company doesn’t care about its image.


It doesn’t cost anything to create an account with the service. However, it won’t help you. All you can do is to browse across the database without the possibility to contact the girls you liked.

The users who want to make the most of the company’s services should acquire Platinum Membership. This is done just once and after it the members have to pay a monthly fee to renew the membership. The holders of Platinum Membership get access to the discounted services and videos of women.

Those who don’t buy Platinum Membership have to pay much more than those who do. Just compare the prices: $2.50 for the letter without translation against $9.99; $7.49 for the letter with translation against $9.99. When a Platinum member makes a call to the girl, he has to pay $3.99 per minute with a translator’s services included, while the price for non-Platinum members is $5.99 per minute. Men also have to pay when they open a message ($5.95) and when they send a photo to the lady ($3.50).

It is up to you to decide whether the site expensive or not, but men keep on coming there for beautiful ladies. As for the women, the membership is free for them.

Men are not satisfied with the concealed fees and growing expenses as they start corresponding with a girl. They have to pay when they get letters and when they send them.

Special features

The competitive edge of the company is the service called Single Tour that presupposes specially organized events to help the couples find each other. LoveMe.com finds the most attractive locations for tours that help to attain the aims. The managers of the company know how to protect you during these tours and achieve the result you expect to get. The team of the company has organized so many international tours, to so many destinations – it’s impossible to compare the company with any other firm, the employees of which have to travel much. LoveMe.com has been doing it for over thirty years already. It is considered one of the most reputed companies in the sphere.

When foreign dating tours are organized, the men don’t have to worry about anything. The employees of the company care about all aspects of the tour beginning from tickets, accommodation, and organization of a meeting of the event. So many beautiful ladies have to stay alone due to gender imbalance in some countries, for instance, in Russia and Ukraine. The company helps to find a lady to your taste in one of the countries you want to visit. The list of men who received such help and enjoy life now with a soulmate is long enough. Hopefully, it’ll continue to grow. There are thousands of couples in it who managed to find their love in a different country. They need a good assistance to connect with each other and the team of this service delivers it with a high level of professionalism.

The list of special features also includes a match wizard form that is offered to the clients to find the match easier. Those who use the feature get potentially suitable matches sent automatically on a weekly basis. The members submit a special form to get the list of matches on weekends. Also, special features include flower delivery mentioned above already and phone translation service.

Comparison with other dating services

It seems that the site hasn’t been renovated since the point of its launch and this is sad. So even if the company tries to enter the list of the leading companies in the sphere, the site with its poor design destroys its efforts. The leaders of the industry should be more substantial. They should look more trustworthy. However, the website proved its efficacy and lack of privacy-concerned scandals just confirm it.

The prices for the service are above average. There are more affordable services in this segment of the business, but the focus on this site is made on the quality of communication. Anyway, many men prefer to use this service despite its price policy and find it exceptional thanks to an extensive gallery and the opportunity to take a tour to the other country and see many beautiful girls live and select among them.


Q: What is a match?

A: These are ladies or guys that meet your criteria and whom our searching engine considers compatible therefore they appear in your match list.

Q: Is it possible to send a free message to someone you like?

A: No, in accordance with the price policy of the company the service charges fee for this action.

Q: How can I find out if I should pay for the letter with translation or without it?

A: The information is specified in a lady’s profile.

Q: How to start a conversation on a dating site?

A: Feel free to reveal your personality and do not pretend to be someone else. You should find a compatible partner to settle your life for the future. It won’t be possible if are not sincere. Despite the language barrier, the truth will come out sooner or later and it can hurt both then. Also, much time and money will be wasted. You will have to start your search anew.

Q: How to communicate efficiently with the girl?

A: Your letter should show how interested you are in a girl. Do not answer long, ask her personal questions, stay relaxed and be honest when you communicate with the girl you like.

Q: Why should I pay for Platinum membership?

A: It depends upon the frequency of your communication and the goals you want to achieve. After you purchase Platinum membership it gives you the possibility to make a payment on a monthly basis to have access to video content and more affordable prices for the services. Without Platinum membership, the man doesn’t have full access to videos of the girls and have to pay more expensive fees to send and open received letters.

Q: How do you care about my privacy?

A: The website doesn’t disclose personal information. There were no security issues on the resource. Also, no data has been leaked until the time of writing as long as the dating service functions.

Q: Will my profile remain after I’ve run out of my subscription?

A: Yes, your profile will remain even after your paid subscription is over and you can renew it at any time.


If something is not clear to you, we are always ready to throw light upon the issue. Feel free to send a message to us:

Did you try LoveMe.com? You have a chance to share your experience with the world!

Editor’s conclusion

It seems that the site LoveMe.com suits those who plan a trip abroad as it can be convenient to use the service that organizes such tours. As for the rest features, there’s nothing extraordinary or innovative there. As any other unbiased Love me review, we think that the service is rather traditional and doesn’t stand out from its business rivals. The only exception is the romantic tours the company arranges as it is hard to find similar offers on the market. Also, the company tries hard to stay highly reputable, so they monitor Love Me reviews to determine the problem and avoid a foreign affair scams that intentionally employ the brand names ‘love me foreign affair’ so that users could take them for this famous and popular service.

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