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Tamilmatrimony com review. How to find Indian love to marry with guarantee?

Tamilmatrimony com dating site for Indians is the best to find love and husband or wife with guarantee by administration. Tamilmatrimony contains a lot of user options for finding someone

Tamilmatrimony com: Indian dating with guarantees

India is characterized by a large number of differences in the details of social life, when compared with a number of other countries of the world. The issue of relations stands apart in this series. Building a love relationship is often problematic in this country, and for a long time marriages were made at the behest of the family and reckoning. In addition, the caste system is of great importance, and people from different castes cannot be together.

In any case, everything agrees that marriage has very strict rules and limitations in every sense. This is mainly due to the religion and beliefs of the Indians, which has a huge impact on everyday life and social connections. Here, frivolous relationships are not encouraged, and a date between a man and a woman is possible only with the goal of building a family and marriage. It is rooted in the heads of people by the long-lasting social experience of past generations. And no talks about homosexual relationships.

Fortunately, many processes in India have been liberalized today. The need for parents to pair with their children is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and young people have the opportunity to choose their partner and their beloved person themselves. This is especially felt in countries outside of India. However, the emphasis on a serious relationship with acquaintances remains. And such dogmas often operate around the world, where Indians live and possibly even were born.

All these processes are reflected in the field of online dating and dating. If Indians go to the web for the sake of finding a couple, then they seek to search for a potential spouse or spouse, and no one else. Moreover, they focus on people of their nationality and their beliefs. There is nothing for outsiders to do here.

This is emphasized by the existence of a number of Indian dating sites. Here, young and mature people can meet compatriots of the opposite sex who are ready to share their religion and beliefs about the family, and possibly spend the rest of the days together.

One of the most popular sites in this niche is Tamilmatrimony com. The site is at the hearing of those Indians who resort to online dating. The administration notes that dating is possible not only for Hindus, but also for representatives of other religions. The site is actual not only for India, so, for example, Tamilmatrimony USA datings are possible.

But does this project deserve the objective attention of a wide user base? Is registering here worth the money? Let's try to figure it out with this Tamilmatrimony review.

General view

So, Tamilmatrimony com is a dating site for Indian dating, which helps people of this nationality build heterosexual couples with a family focus. Acquaintance takes place online, but the site provides opportunities for offline dating. For example, in different cities of India there are hundreds of offline offices where customers can go directly in search of their soulmate. This is one of the most popular dating sites in this area, and for more than 20 years, Indians around the world have been finding a couple here. There are many stories of dating and marriage, but there are also negative reviews on the quality of the internal service on the Internet. They are not the vast majority, but it is worth considering.

The site meets the user with a minimalistic, but very concise, restrained bright and expressive design, which helps to quickly understand all the functionality. The first screen of the site invites the user to register quickly. It is enough to indicate three fields here, and interesting differences from traditional dating sites begin already at this stage. The first registration field is the choice of who the couple is looking for (unlike for other dating sites where people indicate their gender and the partner’s preferred gender). That is, a family member can register a page for their children, brothers or sisters, indirect relatives and even just friends. The ability to create profiles for yourself is also provided. Then you need to specify the username and phone number. Upon completion of pre-registration, the user should upload their own photos, as well as indicate detailed information about life goals, interests and expectations from a potential partner. This information is very effective in finding each other, if you approach the issue responsibly and in detail.

We follow further on site functions. The warranties and premiums of this service, along with the principles of operation, are indicated below the first screen of the main page. The administration tells the user how they will help him find a pair briefly but succinctly. Among other instruments of trust, real stories of people who found their love here are also noted.

The footer of the site contains links to regional versions of the site for individual states of India. This information helps to focus on dating in your own region of residence immediately.

Functions and dating

Here’s a free Tamilmatrimony login, and also paid use options. Free allows you to get acquainted with the available functions, but does not allow free communication with other users. When a user uses a paid account, he can communicate with other people on the site, make dates and enjoy all the benefits of the services presented here.

It is worth noting that the paid account system here is very flexible. The administration is actively working with clients, and helps them in dating in all ways. Therefore, the set of available services varies from the ability to have access to the main functions of the site in a standard package of services, either advanced, maximum, or with a wedding guarantee. There are also options with personalized help when professionals are engaged in the Tamilmatrimony profile creation at all stages, and they are also engaged in the search for a wife / husband on their own.

That is, the prices for a paid account vary in a very wide range. However, even there are standard service packages to consider, they cost more than average. Payment is made in the format of a paid subscription for a certain period of 3 or 6 months with automatic renewal of the service (this should be taken into account). Payment is available by all types of plastic cards, Paypal and even cash at company offices.

To search for a pair, all standard tools are available, including the search bar and advanced search by the specified parameters, highlighting profiles in the search and advertising, pair search by compatibility algorithms, chatting in private chats. For chatting, just select the desired user and click the appropriate button.


Tamilmatrimony site offers a number of security tools. For example, all messages and personal information are encrypted. User profile cannot be viewed by unregistered visitors. Privacy settings are very flexible overall.

Email confirmation is not required, and this leads to a partial scam. Its number is small against the general background, and there are many real users. The administration actively checks profiles on scam and creates a real space for real users to communicate with. The main complaints are technical support, which does not always respond quickly to customer requests.

Mobile App

Tamilmatrimony app is available for smartphones based on iOS and Android. The site also has a fairly convenient mobile version.


Tamilmatrimony com is a reliable and high-quality site for Indian dating. The site administration gives guarantees to customers for marriage if they are willing to pay expensive premium packages with appropriate services. The site has some problems; they may seem significant to someone. But these are point problems that do not spoil the overall impression critically. Also, they should be taken into account when buying paid accounts, which are required here to be able to meet someone, and are above average.

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