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Vietnamese girls and their family values!

Amelia Bright,

CEO of Love Is For Everyone

“Vietnamese women are really family oriented, they have serious attitude towards every relations and that is great. Moreover, these beauties are so independent and they try to achieve success in anything they start… Personally, I have never meet couples where Vietnamese woman will make the first step to divorce, usually these women will do everything in order to prevent such a possibility…”

Due to a huge variety of all dating platforms and sites available today, online acquaintances became so popular and now you should not go out to find relations, but just log in and try your favorite dating site. Because of this, you may contact absolutely any lady from any country around the globe and that is fantastic. It may seem easy to chat with anyone, however you’d better point your preferences and search in one direction. So, if you are looking for serious relations with Vietnamese women, then this article is right for you. Here you will get a short description of these ladies and their attitude towards family and relations. Are you interested? Then continue reviewing this article, you will get lots of helpful info.

Lots of people confuse Vietnamese women for marriage purposes as all the Asians girlss in general. However, it is a wrong understanding, because Vietnamese culture is special and unique in its way. According to the recent statistical number, so many girls are marrying foreigners that you will definitely have a chance to find your love from this region.

So, let’s find out why are Vietnamese women dating sites so popular?


Top reasons why Vietnamese women are so popular

The list of reasons may be endless, because anyone can find something special in these beauties. It’s a totally good situation. However, here you will find only the most fundamental things that you can notice almost in any woman.

The first thing to mention is their loyalty. This thing is fully connected with their attitude towards relations. They search for long-term dating that will gradually lead to marriage and kids. That’s why, these beauties try to create comfortable atmosphere of support and understanding at the very beginning. They try not to argue and emotionally spell things out. They prefer calm manner of communication even during a problematic situations and circumstances. It is like laying a strong base for the future relations and you should not be aggressive or emotional at this stage.

One may say that this shows their reserves and there is nothing good in hidden emotionality. Nevertheless, lots of males prefer to solve problems quietly and a calm partner. That’s why, dating Vietnamese women is so popular.

The next fact about these women is their independence. There exists a wrong stereotype that these ladies are searching only for financial stability and rich husbands. It is absolutely not true, because they try to earn money and be independent from their parents right after school or university. So, the same occurs with their boyfriends, they don’t want to feel this pressure that a lady owes something. Because of such independence, they search the same attitude in the future partner. They want to see strong and independent guy that can be their husband.

Sometimes men believe this myth and try to impress girls with their money and financial stability. However, it is a wrong decision; it’s too hard to impress a lady with such manners.

Vietnamese girls are so caring to their families. This means that your lady will probably help her parents in any possible way, her sibling, or any other relatives. It may seem that these women spend too much time bothering about their family members, but not about their real relations with a boyfriend. However, it isn’t true! Furthermore, family members have the same family values and if your girlfriend needs support, she will get it from so many people. It is hard even to imagine! For instance, in case you are planning a wedding ceremony is Vietnam, it is most likely that your bride’s relatives will organize everything for you on the highest possible level. There is something in their culture and traditions that you should better know about and respect.

Also, Vietnamese American women are so trust-worthy. There is no need to control your girlfriend and check all her private texts from the friends. It is much easier and quicker to ask her about everything you want and be sure, you will get the most honest reply ever. This happens, because ladies spend so much time for building serious relation and they don’t want to ruin everything with one stupid lie. Especially, if she is a married woman and have children and she never ever sacrifice this happiness.

Yes, these girls are honest and they will prove this to you. However, it will be extremely hard for them to live with someone who is so selfish and jealous. Ladies from Vietnam are calm, but will never quietly react to some blaming. Please, be tactful to your beloved lady and she will respect you even more.

Moreover, Vietnamese women seeking men almost every time and they are doing this with a clear understanding of the relationship that they want to have. They are so motivated to build serious relations that your lady may control everything and share her plans with you at a first date. Of course, it wouldn’t be too detailed but you will definitely get an understanding of her priorities.

The thing why so many guys like Vietnamese women is because of their cooking skills. They are taught early in the childhood how to cook and since that time they master their skills so much. Also, they love this process; it is like a hobby for them to prepare tasty dinner for the whole family. Healthy food is so important for them, that you can forget about your fast food preferences for lots of years.


Why do Vietnamese girls marry foreigners?

Here you will find the most widely spread reasons for this, some of them are:

  • Women try to find comfort life. There are such people who live in poverty somewhere in small villages. If your lady is from such an area, she is definitely looking for stability in life for financial status and way more. There is nothing extraordinary with such a desire, it’s a pure need, all people want to live better and comfort is something that Vietnamese women are looking for. And at the same time they want to have cared and understanding partner.
  • Don’t want to live in traditional cultural values. Because of the old cultural values, ladies should be calm and respect their husbands, while these husbands may act in any possible way. Such attitude is unbearable to new generation of women and they want to have equal rights and status in marriage. That’s why a foreigner is the best choice for such kind of situation.
  • Foreign boyfriends don’t have a list of requirements. Usually, Vietnamese males can marry only those women who are with a particular background, education, career, and even such criteria as virginity exists till today. Foreign guys won’t be so picky; they don’t have these strange cultural boundaries and restrictions any more. While Vietnamese society will spend lots of time prior forgetting about this strange historical requirements to women.
  • Great opportunity to change your life. This criterion is nothing connected with finances. Women just want change their surrounding, location and see the world. New people around always open new opportunities both for career and personal development as well. As they are so independent, they want to show everything that is hidden inside and because of the surrounding they couldn’t do this before.
  • To be loved. Such an obvious thing, but it is so difficult to explain why they cannot find this love while living with locals. These beauties don’t want to be chosen according to their status in society or the status of their family. Unfortunately, it is so frequent when Vietnamese man chooses a bride depending on this standard, but not just by loving this person. That’s why, so many women dream that one day they will fall in love and be loved by someone without any boundaries and family traditions. They want to be loved for who they really are.

Summing up

Hope that this short article was helpful to you and now you know everything about the intentions and relations with pretty Vietnamese girls. These ladies are definitely the best one. They know how to appreciate everything that is given to them and how to achieve the highest standards in everything. Except of this, they are just caring and loving wives and mothers who are doing everything for their family.

If you think that it will be great to start relations with such beauty, then why are you still waiting for something? Your love is closer than you think. Maybe she is waiting for you at one of the dating platforms and you can contact her right away. A quick registration on a dating site can change your life once and forever. Relationships haven’t been as easy as they are right now. You only need to register or install a dating application and that is it: you are really for new experience with the prettiest ladies on the whole world.

Don’t lose your chance and find your ideal candidate today!

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