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Marmeladies review that helps to see everything to start using this dating site (or not)

Marmeladies dating site provides best communication experience between western men and women from Ukraine, Russia. There is a set of solid user options to find love

Full Marmeladies.com review with site’s pros and cons

It's no secret that online dating is crowding out all the usual ways to make new relationships. Most likely, in the environment of each, couples are increasingly formed after correspondence on the Internet. This also applies to situations where Western men from prosperous countries seek love somewhere. For example, in the East Slavic countries. Why here? Many very beautiful girls live here who are happy to find strong relationships with a caring husband from abroad. They are grateful for the opportunity to live in a prosperous country and sincerely respond with care and attention. In addition, in the Slavic countries, the family is in the first place, and relations with them are always focused on marriage. Not that the Slav woman had no personal interests, but the opportunity to start a traditional family plays a key role. You can be sure of this.

How do Western men and Slavic women find each other? There are many specialized sites for this. A number of them are scams, but more trusted options are also found. Marmeladies.com is one such specialized platform for lonely hearts who want to find their love in a similar format. But is it worth the attention of a person who is interested in a serious relationship? How great are the guarantees of success here? Let's try to figure it out.

Design and registration

The site meets us with a modest design from the mid-2000s. Perhaps the resource was created back in those days and was not updated. This is a very likely story, but rest assured that the site is very active to this day. There are many people online, and the opportunities for communication and dating are practically unlimited. At any time, by any request, a person will find his own person.

So, the design is not spectacular, but all the functional elements are in sight. Here, even an inexperienced user will be able to understand all the functions. The registration window is on the main screen. By the way, there is also a quick login button with Facebook.

Classic registration is quite typical, and here a person needs to indicate his name and surname, date of birth, country, email, password (and confirmation). Registration ends by entering captcha and accepting site requirements. The user is now ready for research.

The header contains an absolute minimum of sections:

  • Profiles;
  • Search;
  • FAQ;
  • Contact us.

Profiles contain a description of what the user can find on the site. Here are examples of user profiles, and this allows you to form a primary interest in dating. By the way, most of the profiles of girls worked out very high quality. Here are good photos and detailed descriptions that help you choose the perfect girl for your interests very accurately.

Search is an advanced system for choosing a girl according to specified parameters. All girls have widely populated profiles, and users can sort the catalog very accurately. Here you can sort profiles by age, weight and height, hair color, level of English, country, eye color, country and presence / absence of children. All of this is more than enough to add a three-dimensional idea of a person who is potentially interesting to you.

The FAQ answers the basic questions of users, and Contacts allow you to contact technical support. At the bottom of the news feed is a catalog of girls, a news feed and technical links to the terms of use page and so on.

How to get in touch with a girl you like

The main features of the site are free to interest and engage a potential user. That is, you can view profiles for free, and this can be done even without registration.

However, if you are set up for serious communication, you will need not only registration. A paid system for functions of interaction with girls is implemented here. This means that the user must replenish the account for a certain amount of money in order to receive credits. These credits can be used for various actions and activities on the site. In total, the site offers several loan packages. The larger the purchased package, the cheaper the cost of one loan.

For example, 10 credits cost 11 euros, 20 credits will cost you 19 euros, 50 credits 45 euros, 100 credits 79 euros, 160 credits 121 euros, 250 credits 164 euros. If you are looking for a long and attentive search, it is better to immediately buy a large credits package. The payment methods are the most typical; here are presented plastic cards, popular payment systems and even Bitcoin.

So what to spend credits on? First you need to choose the girl of interest. When the choice is made, you should go to her page. It contains detailed information, as well as ways to start communication. If necessary, each user can add the profile to the list of favorites for quick access in the future. As for communication, the correspondence function is available here. Start your conversation with nice words and compliments! You can also send a kiss or flowers to attract the girl’s attention. Please note that active profiles are marked with the Online Now icon. That is, it is better for them to write to start a conversation immediately, and not to wait for an answer for a long time. Explore options, try and be sure to find interesting communication or even love. And remember that these girls are waiting for activity.

Interestingly, the site allows direct exchange of personal contact data between users. This is not available on all dating sites. If a girl is ready to transfer communication to a more private area, then why not.

It is worth making a small clarification about communication. Girls indicate English proficiency. Some people know him well, and there will be no problems with correspondence. Others have difficulties in this matter, but do not worry, or try to learn English or Russian. Girls can communicate with the marriage agency, which helps with the translation of personal correspondence.


Marmeladies adheres to a public format, and every user can see published photos. This should be taken into account when registering. As for messages, they are encrypted, and cracking correspondence is extremely difficult.

In general, there are no unambiguous reviews about the scam. Someone speaks negatively about the site, while others are happy about the time that was spent here. This means that you can test the site’s capabilities, but only at your own peril and risk. The format of the site is open, and in this case there are a lot of fakes. It is important to be careful in your search, and success will certainly smile.

Mobile Version

Marmeladies have no mobile app. But mobile version of the site is quite good and reliable to everyday use with any device.


Marmeladies is a fairly simple and primitive tool to meet and communicate with Slavic women. There are many competitor sites that offer a more flexible set of user tools and a more comfortable format for use. This site has not been updated for a long time, and this leaves its mark. The site is definitely not safe, and there is a risk of running into a scam. Therefore, the user must be very careful when using Marmeladies. This is an acceptable way of dating, but there are many more interesting alternatives in general.

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