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Real meetme.com review for everyone who’s want to get the best date ever

MeetMe website is a platform that was launched to help lonely people with the love search. Here is this MeetMe review, you will get the most important information about the registration process, cool features, MeetMe App, real users’ recommendations and lots of more. After reviewing this short article, you will get the most helpful recommendations about the whole dating process from signing up till real meeting.

MeetMe was designed in 2005 and since then has earned a reputation of a very reliable dating platform. For this rather long period, there are lots of comments from the users and you can find variable positive as well as negative. However, the good recommendations are of course in majority.

The number of registered members is really huge and it is growing on a daily basis. As for now the number of signed up users is almost 50,000,000. The activity of the registered clients isn’t as high as the number of signed up, but almost a half of them use MeetMe on a daily basis.

Information about meetme login procedure

Any registration is a simple procedure that will take maximum 3 minutes. The signing up doesn’t require payment and anyone can create a profile on the site. Just fill in the simple form that includes: name, email, password, gender and date of birth.

The form contains only the most basic information and right after you’ve created an account you may start contacting other members. On the one hand such kind of simplicity is just fantastic, but on the other it creates one more trouble. There are lots of profiles that don’t include personal information. Why should a person waste time and fill in all the fields of the personal profile, if he/she can use a resource in any way.

Nothing can be easier than MeetMe sign up.

Communication on MeetMe website

Any chat usually starts with MeetMe search and it is an evident thing. Filter your search according to your preferences in age, gender, location, nationality and lots of others. The more criteria you will mention the less candidates you will get as a result and you will have no need to contact 20 users at a time. The less variant you will have the higher will be chances of finding your ideal partner.

Of course, different people prefer different approaches, so you can chose contrary different thing and specify only the most important criteria. You may choose all the users who are currently online.

After you find the needed candidate you may start contacting him/her with any available chat option including messages and chatrooms.

Quality of the members’ profiles

Basically the profiles include rather detailed information; however it totally depends on the member. As a rule, the standard profile contains: orientation, statues of current relations, height, body type, ethnicity and lots of more. Because there are no serious regulations according to the quality of your profile, the difference in the profile is enormous. Some users specify all the information as detailed as possible while other prefer not to share their personal information online only in private chatting.

So, don’t expect to find MeetMe live detailed profiles on the site.

MeetMe App

Maybe it is my personalized attitude, but design and app’s interface is much more convenient than a PC version of the site. You are just scrolling a page of cool profiles and choose those ones that you would like to chat with.

The functionality is the same as a desktop and you will hardly notice any huge difference there. Nevertheless, everything is organized in a simplified way.

So, if you are a registered member and have never used MeetMe mobile version, it is the right time to try. MeetMe mobile login is quicker and you can check all your recent messages on the go.

Real comments from the site’s clients

“MeetMe app login was the best that occurred in my life. I had used lots of applications prior signing up on MeetMe live and had no results. However, that was not the worst thing. Thing that disturbed me the most was lots of technical troubles that I found on other resources. Judging on my experience MeetMe sign up for me was the best choice. I met several good friends and my love there rather quickly. I think that in 2 months’ period I found Irene. She is the best and I couldn’t believe my happiness…”

“What is MeetMe? It is rather rhetoric question for me and the answer is “a place where I found my husband”. I am so delighted that one winter day I MeetMe log in and answered his message. This was a decisive day of my life and I am so grateful for it. I’ve decided to write this comment only because I wanted to motivate people, try and search for the love online. It is the best chance to find your ideal candidate in just several months if not days”

Prices of MeetMe messages

As on any dating site, some features are free and some are paid. According to free options, the variability is rather huge. You can register, create your profile, chat, use match service and live streaming.

A paid user should at first chose a desirable membership. There are offered two variants, choose MeetMe+ membership or purchase needed number of credits. The membership can be ordered per month, 2 months or half of the year. The average price for a month is 5.66$. It is a reasonable sum, don’t you agree?

So, what are you getting with this membership? To begin with, you will not see bothering ads on the MeetMe mobile or PC version. Also, you can check who viewed your account and what photos were checked. Such members will be offered additional search filters that are blocked for other users. Furthermore, paid member can check other profiles anonymously.

How to delete MeetMe account?

This website is a usual social networking platform for online communication and the process of registration is as simple as of deleting MeetMe account. Here we will mention step by step instruction about: How to delete MeetMe account?

  1. MeetMe log in
  2. Click on the account settings
  3. In the section account press delete account
  4. Then choose “Deactivation of the account”

It is as simple as that. There is no need to contact support team for the confirmation of this process.

Specific MeetMe features

The process of online communication is rather simple, however there are several cool options of interaction with the site’s users.

The first one to mention is “questions” feature. This thing can sometimes simplify the process of communication. Just sent an anonymous question to the chosen member and if this user won’t answer you then he/she won’t even know who was writing a message.

The next awesome feature is a secret follower. It is more like a cool game that offers you several pictures of your secret followers and you should guess who is the one. There are several attempts to find this person, but if you don’t guess then this person just disappears and you will never find out who it was.

QuickPick – this service is available on MeetMe mobile log in only. The point is that you are swiping the photos of the members and chose them or go to the next user. So, in rather short period of time, you will get an access to lots of profiles and your chance of finding a match will be higher.

MeetMe Live is a cool option of streaming on the site. Other users can react to your streaming and in such a way you will have higher chances of finding your partner. However, if you are not a big fan of publicity and you feel uncomfortable while streaming you’d better think twice. It shouldn’t be something really difficult for you.


Hope after reading this MeetMe review, you’ve get rather detailed information about this service and how to use it effectively. This question: what is MeetMe, should no longer appear in your mind.

This site offers lots of cool features for communication and interaction with other unknown members. Moreover, most of the members are seriously oriented towards finding a partner. When speaking about the price, it is the cheapest possible resource for online dating right now. You won’t need lots of money and if you don’t want to spend for chatting you have also got such a chance. Most of important features are accessible free of charge.

MeetMe Customer service is also rather professional and you may contact experts whenever you need such kind of assistance. It is simple and quick for anybody.
The major drawback of this platform is that not all profiles are as detailed as they should be. Users may specify that information that they consider important and because of this some members prefer not to share their personal information at all.

So, sign up on this website and find really cool users for building up serious relations or just an online friendship.

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