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Loveswans – is it a quality dating site or just a scam?

In our busy everyday life we sometimes forget about really meaningful things. When we search for career success, financial independence and completion of all the urgent tasks, we sometimes skip meaningful but not urgent tasks. Relations and health is something that usually suffers in this constant rush for something.

Please, don’t stay in this category of people who are suffering from loneliness, but at the same time aren’t doing anything to change the situation. If you are at the stage of your life when relations really matters for you, then this review of Loveswans dating site may be really helpful.

What is Loveswans?

Love search travels can be really tiring and so ineffective. So, Loveswans was launched to solve this problem and help thousands of people around the globe to build serious relations online. For lots of years, this service has been successfully implementing this goal in real life. This is a place where you can find such unique people whom you would hardly ever meet in real life.

After extremely quick registration, you are getting an access to a huge database of users and can contact anybody you like. As for the quality of this website, site’s team is constantly changing and improving everything for the clients comfort. Interface is regularly adjusted and some new features are regularly added or updated. So, that everybody will get the best possible online experience.

Loveswans options for communication

First, you need to specify some requirements that you might have according to your desirable relations and future partner. Please, don’t hesitate and mention everything that you really want to have in your relations. Once, you have found a couple of great candidates you may start interacting with them. The easiest method is of course emails or instant chatting. If you like more intimate and real communication, there is a possibility of phone calls. This variant is rather popular one, but be sure that your lady wants such kind of communication as well. As for the language barrier which may be between you and your Russian woman, there is no need to worry about it. A huge team of experts is working on the site and can assist and help with translation.

One more cool variant for interaction is video call. So many users prefer this option more than anything else. You’ve probably understood the reason behind this. It is almost like a real meeting where you can notice any emotions, gestures and be as sincere as it is possible.

As you see, the variability of chatting features is huge and there are no risks of Loveswans scams. Hope that initial question, is Loveswans legit or scam, no longer bothers you. There are so many variants with the help of which you can check your online friend that it is totally impossible to think about the frauds on this online platform.

Loveswans reviews of the pricing policy

Loveswans is a paid service and there is nothing strange about it. You’d better worry about unreliable dating agencies that offer free access and at the same time lots of risks and bothers. A professional team of experts should be fairly rewarded and every client gets high-quality service in return.

The site is functioning according to the credit system. There are offered three packages which you may choose from. The cheapest once costs $44.99 and you are getting 125 credits in return. The next one includes 250 credits and costs $69.99. The most expensive pack is $149.99 and you receive 750 credits.

The pricing system is rather understandable; you are paying only for the services that you have used. There are no additional fees or necessary of purchasing a special membership in order to get access to some of the services.

If you want to get detailed pricing info on dating site called Loveswans, you should better review all the updated data on the official site.

About the registered ladies

Among the things which stand out this platform from a huge variability of others is of course signed up women. Loveswans offers communication with Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian brides. However, your choice is not limited only to this region; there are ladies from all over the world.

Because of such huge catalogue of registered women, your chances to find your ideal partner are way higher than on other dating platforms. There were so many cases when man just reviewed a homepage with all these charming women and fell in love with one. If you are more active person and don’t want to wait for the miracle, then you’d better use advanced search feature. You will definitely find a couple of great candidates in less than a few seconds.

Most of the profiles are usually so detailed with high-quality photos. Just by reviewing lady’s info you will find out absolutely everything that you will need at the initial stage of online relation. And you don’t need to read hundreds of reviews Loveswans, just enter this site and you will intuitively understand how all this is functioning and what ladies you are searching for.

How can a user be sure in the personal safety while on the site?

Lots of users want to know – is Loveswans real or fake? Such hesitations and bothers are rather understandable. Online frauds are so frequent that everyone might have some bothering before the registration on a new website and sharing of the personal info.

Generally speaking, Loveswans is like a hundreds of similar platforms and it implements totally the same methods of protection. There were no recent situations with scams and online frauds which is the major plus.

However, I saw a couple of comments where users complain that some ladies ask about financial assistance all the time. Yes, it is a huge trouble and site’s administration has reacted to such situations. Nevertheless, we as responsible members should also think about personal safety and don’t interact with such suspicious users.

Once you received such a request, it is better to notify support team at once and these experts will solve everything and can even block such women. In such a way, you will save yourself and at the same time lots of other users who might have chatted with this scammer.

Clients’ comments

“Loveswans is a great resource where everything is made for the clients’ safety. I didn’t experience any major troubles while using this dating website. All the users are so friendly and talkative. Moreover, site impressed me with its design… One thing which I think should be improved a little bit is a pricing policy. It would be better if some chatting tools will be free at least for the active users.”

“I have used lots of dating sites and agencies before the registration on Loveswans. To be honest, I didn’t notice any major differences of this service; it is a standard chatting site with lots of women. As for me, prices are also rather standard once and this credit system was on all the platforms that I used before.

So, my impressions are somehow controversial. On the one hand, I had no bothering and misunderstanding, but on the other I expected something new and exclusive from this registration!”


Loveswans is a wonderful international dating site where everyone can get a professional assistance and support at any stage of online communication or relations. Most of the users are searching for long-term relation and that is also a plus.

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