Privacy policy

As you’ve probably know, all the sites gather some information about you. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a visitor or an account member. The difference is only in the type of gathered data and in its number. HMU is a standard site in this term; it also collects your info.

HMU is a safe dating platform where users from all over the world can communicate and build serious relations or just chat for fun. You definitely need an account for interacting with pretty girls. And during the sign up process you leave so much info, sometimes you do it automatically without even thinking, because every site asks for this info. If you are just a visitor, site may detect your computer ID, but this info will only be used for the statistical numbers.

When you are a registered user, you fill in your profile with your photos, personal info. Also during the registration, you leave: your password, user’s nickname, country, date of birth, spoken language and more.

Such kind of info sharing may be bothering for some members. However, there shouldn’t be any fears, because every mentioned word that you have filled in during the sign up is used only as statistical figures.

Lots of members ask about this process description. So, let’s do it as simple as possible. All your information is immediately decoded and send to the general statistical center where it is used for other purposes. No one can identify your name or nickname with the received info, because these numbers are really huge. So many people register their accounts every day that it is totally impossible to correspond your name with the received figures. The system of decoding on HMU is so strong, so you should not bother about your info at all.

This data is used generally for the site’s improvement, adding new features for the users, add purposes and way more. By monitoring the general users’ statistics, it is way simpler to do some innovations and control of the dating process.

Of course, HMU system of info collection is top in security; but for the clients’ safety, this site is regularly scanned to monitor the protection. Due to the professionalism of the experts, there were not noticed any privacy policy troubles since the site’s launching. The access to this general base of information is only in the limited number of checked people. Except of the small number of those experts, all their steps in the base are also monitored - what kind of info and when have they requested. Judging by all the mentioned above, you can see that there isn’t any chance for an ordinary user to get an access to this info. If there was such a chance, a user wouldn’t encrypt this data. It is totally impossible!

Hope that after reviewing this information about HMU privacy policy you don’t have any questions regarding this topic. Nevertheless, there may be a possibility that you need a detailed info on a specific thing. In such a case, you have an access to the support service where professional people will answer all your questions and give the most detailed explanation you need. So, don’t hesitate and ask these professionals whenever you need this.

To cut a long story short, HMU guarantees the safety of all your personal information that you leave on this platform. There isn’t any possibility that other users will somehow get an access to your personal data, it is impossible. This process is controlled and extremely secure. For the whole period of the site’s functioning there were no cases of the data leakage. The reputation of a reliable dating service that HMU has is a real prove of your safety.