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Skokka: scam from free ads of best escorts you’re ever seen?

Skokka review for everyone who want to find best escort and free intimate dating around the world/ Only the best paid services and a lot of ads for all tastes including transsexuals and male escort.

Who is looking for hot online dating ukraine with spectacular mail order brides usa  or asian wives mail order around the world? What is the purpose of this dating? If you prefer to leave something serious for later and get the joys of life here and now, then Skokka.com will be the best choice in this regard. Here you can find adorable mexican wives and couples to meet in many locations around the world. Users throw away all the unnecessary and get the opportunity to connect instantly using the options of this ad network for quick dating.

Perhaps money plays a role in this process. Do you prefer mutual interest without payments? Then finding a pair for the evening will also not be difficult. There, perhaps, something serious will turn out ... But you should not think about the future right now. On this site, the present moment decides.

There are options for meetings and hotter. Skokka.com knows how to surprise, and this service deserves close attention right now.

What does this site offers

Skokka.com is a message board for users of 27 countries of the world: Western Europe, Central and South America, as well as some locations outside these continents. For example, Skokka Costa Rica. The site is focused on a fast and free way of posting ads for escorts and meetings for one night.

The site is positioned as a bulletin board and is focused on one-time appointments in the first place. There are no restrictions on the type of dating here, and everything is put at the head of the personal interests and preferences of users. Everyone has the ability to post ads freely, and this creates a stream of unwanted scam, spam and irrelevant ads. If you learn to avoid such ads, then the site can bring a lot of benefits to those looking for a quick partner or companion.

First glance

Let's see how it works. The main page of the site surprises with its minimalism. Here and on all other pages of the site, genuine minimalism reigns with laconic fonts, expressive colors and competent construction of information blocks. It is easy, convenient and pleasant to use the site.

So, on the main page there is only a list of current countries where you can get acquainted: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil and others in alphabetical order.

The visitor must select a suitable country and click on it. Then a submenu opens with a list of the largest cities in this country, for example, Skokka Tijuana. When the location is selected, the user is taken to the local message board. The journey in search of a pair starts from here. Let's take a look at what you can do on the site next.

How to find free or paid dating partner at the site

Everything is very simple and takes a minimum of time. No pre-registration is required. You have already chosen a location (like Skokka Argentina) with a specific country and city. The language automatically changes according to the selected location: English, German, Spanish, and so on.

The visitor sees the list of ads. By default, ads from the Escort category are displayed. Suppose a user is looking for people from this category, namely girls who provide paid elite escort services. Initially, the photo preview and basic information are visible.

A site visitor needs to scroll through the catalog to select the appropriate option. (It should be noted that promoted questionnaires are published at the top of the catalog.) When this condition is fulfilled, just click on the questionnaire to find out the details. Profiles with photos are displayed first.

In the ad, a person sees a detailed text description with a proposal. All published photos can be viewed in a convenient gallery and zoomed in. There is a message with services, age, location. If everything suits you, you can press the "Phone" or "WhatsApp" button. In the first case, the phone number is displayed, in the second, a redirect to the WhatsApp chat is carried out. Then you can start a substantive dialogue directly.

What if you need an accurate search for profiles by interests? The developers have implemented a simple Skokka search system. You need to return to the catalog with questionnaires and scroll to the top of the page. There are several search tools listed. Let's take a look at them.

The most important are the dating categories. Here are the choices according to your preference:

  • Escorts: paid services of girls for escort and intimacy;
  • Erotic massages: massage with additional services without direct intimacy;
  • Transsexuals: Skokka dating with transsexuals, paid services;
  • Male escorts: paid services of guys and escorts, used by single mature ladies and couples;
  • Adult dating: dating section for those who are looking for partners for meetings, communication, sex without payment. In other words, this is all about free love.

Below are the sections for sorting by regions of the selected country, cities, city districts. Note that these sections may not appear depending on the selected search location. When the required options are set, it is enough to press the "Search" button and select the appropriate options from a smaller list of questionnaires. A search bar is also available here to help you find suitable ad variations from ad text by keywords. It is enough to specify the words in the search bar.

On this, the search functions are limited, and there is one more option in order to find the right people. You can submit your own ad with paid services or an offer for dating.

Registration and how to submit your own ad

The opportunity to post an ad is available for registered and unregistered users. To do this, in the catalog of questionnaires with the selected location, pay attention to the upper right corner of the screen. There is a “Post Your Ad” button.

Nearby you can log in and register. Why do I need to register on a site where all the main functions are available without registration? This option is useful for those who publish ads here regularly. Registered user can post ads without email confirmation every time. He also has the ability to extensively manage ads from his personal account. Both functions are free, registration is the only condition for access to them.

To register, enter your email address and password on the Skokka Sign up page (located next to “Post Your Ad”), read the terms of use and confirm it. Skokka Login button is also near.

Let's get back to posting a post. Click on “Post Your Ad”. There the user has the opportunity to enter the required data in the first step. After completing the ad, go to step 2. There the site offers to promote the ad so that people can see it at the top of the list. This is the main paid service on the site. When ready, in the third step, the user can check the information and submit the ad for moderation. When the administration checks the ad, it will publish it, and it will become available to all visitors.

How are things going with the scam and who use the site

Let's deal with the scam issue. Skokka.com is a free site with open access to all functions even without registration. This is a favorable environment for fraudsters, so the user should always be careful on online dating sites and not make dubious prepayments and other risky actions.

The site administration thoroughly checks ads before publishing, and most of the spam doesn’t reach the site. An automatic message verification system blocks all suspicious requests. Fraudsters still occur, but even a quick glance at the catalog is enough to see many real profiles that do not require verification.

The main rule for users against Skokka scams is to be careful in finding the right services and people. Most ads for paid services are real, as well as free dating (there are always more ads for men than Ukrainian women in this category, regardless of region, country or city, and this should be taken into account).

The site is focused on paid services of individual escort girls, but there are also agencies. They often post ads with photos that are not true. This is the biggest problem on the site. Some ads for paid services are published in free sections, and this is also a problem as people waste time on relevant dating options.

Mobile app

Skokka app is absent. It is not necessary, because Google Play and App Store will not allow to post of such services. However, the mobile version of the site works good and conveniently on all popular mobile platforms.


Skokka.com is a very simple and fast means of paid and free services for company, escort and intimate services. The Russian dating site pleases with minimalism and ease of use, and the completely free ad format does not suffer from crowds of fake ads and scams. Here you will find interesting real people for dating and intimacy if you wish, but it is important to learn how to weed out dubious profiles yourself. We hope this Skokka review is useful for you!

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